Have you ever been to Disneyland and visited Tomorrowland? Do you remember visiting it as a kid and seeing all of the futuristic rides and buildings? How did it make you feel?

I remember visiting it as a kid and seeing all of the rocket ships, and the amazing Michael Jackson Captain EO show (yes, I know, I’m dating myself), and how it all really inspired me to think if what the future would be like. I have always loved the idea of a place where vehicles and people flew, where crazy monorail tracks lined the skies and where anything was possible. Where it all felt possible.

That is how the new Tomorrowland movie made me feel.

Tomorrowland’s story focuses around Casey Newton, a teenaged girl who dreams of going to space. Her father is a NASA engineer who is losing his job in Cape Canaveral because of the demolition of the space station, and Casey gets arrested trying to sabotage the demolition. When she is released from the jail and ogives to collect her effects, a mysterious ‘T’ pin is with them. When Casey touches it, she is transported instantly to another place, which is completely confusing for her. It’s an intriguing place though, and she can’t keep from wanting to return. One night, she touches the pin and is taken to the place she say, only this time, it is for a longer period of time, leaving her longing once again to go back. After researching the origins of the pin, she starts off a chain of events which leads her to Frank Walker, someone who allegedly also has knowledge of this mysterious and amazing place. Together they reluctantly pair up in hopes of getting back to make a difference to this place, which Frank refers to as Tomorrowland.

My husband thought that it was a good movie, although he didn’t care much for the “interview” explanation that kicked the movie off. The back and forth dialogue between the two main characters annoyed him, but he said that once the movie started, he was able to get more into the story. Q liked it too. He said it a cool movie, although there was a scene involving a shoot-up with some robots that bothered him. It’s funny. There was just the one that he didn’t like, but all the rest were fine for him.

I loved the whole movie. I felt like it had a really good message in it, about how we are actually in control of our destinies, and we don’t have to believe all the doom and gloom that we are told. We can still make changes, and aren’t resigned to a certain date just because ‘they” tell us we are. We just need for people to believe and want to make a change.

Tomorrowland is filled with tons of action and adventure. There were times when I watched it and wondered if things like that might actually be possible someday, or if they already were, we just didn’t know about it yet. The characters are believable enough to form attachments to, and even the villains are not entirely unlikeable.

As I mentioned, there is a lot of action in this movie. Most of the fighting scenes are against robots, but there is some violence and some characters are shot at with laser guns. Some of the scenes are a bit intense, so I would advise that you have a good idea of what your kid can tolerate before you take them. Mine was fine, he loves all of the superhero movies so this was ok for him, but he did get bothered by the one scene I mentioned earlier. It would be fine for older kids, unless they are extremely sensitive. I thought that it was a great family movie, though, and it really comes down to knowing your child. It has a PG rating, so just be aware of that. If your child is ok with Marvel movies, though, this one would be fine.

All in all, we would recommend Tomorrowland for the whole family.

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