This is 38…

Tuesday was my 38th birthday. I’m not gonna lie, last year was pretty tough for me. I had some amazing things happen and had some of the worst moments of my entire life. Honestly? I’m not sad to see 37 out the door. Although things aren’t wonderful and easy right now, I really wanted to try and start this new year off right.

The day started off great, with birthday wishes and cuddles from the dude before school. The sun was shining so we decided to walk to school. I threw my headphones in my purse for the walk home, and decided to do a lap around the school “track” which is actually a gravel path that runs between the school and the forest. It is lovely. The tunes were cranked, the sun shone and I even worked up a bit of a sweat.


I couldn’t stay out too long, though, since I had a very important date for coffee and treats at a local bakery with a dear friend and her little guy. We ate, an almond croissant and a vanilla hot chocolate for me and a cinnamon bun and coffee for her, we chatted, we hung out. It was the perfect was to get the day going.

Next came lunch with M. We headed to our favorite Indian restaurant and it just so happened that they had my beloved shahi paneer on the buffet. It was meant to be. After stuffing myself with paneer, veggie pakoras and naan, washing it down with a cup of chai and a bit of kheer, it was time to pick the dude up from school. Did I mention there was a book fair going on and someone totally suckered me info taking him and buying a bunch of books? Well he did. Oh Scholastic, how I can’t quit you.

Of course, what is a birthday without your free birthday drink from Starbucks? Oh wait, that’s just me, is it? Caramel flan latte anyone?

Then it was time to get ready for dinner. The previous week, on a whim, I decided to put it out there on my FB page to see if anyone wanted to join me *on a weeknight, gasp* for dinner. Fully expecting that no one would want to or be able to come, I did it anyways, and was super excited when 10 lovely friends were able to come.

I figured this, being my day and all, would be just as good an occasion as any to get a bit snazzied up. So I did. Although the dude was invited to join us, he chose to spend the evening with his Lola instead. Hmmph.


We clean up not half badly, if I do say so myself. In my infinite wisdom, I remembered that I had this smokin hot pair of shoes that I had bought last summer in San Francisco but hadn’t gotten the chance to wear.


Ok, who was the dingbat who thought it would be a good idea to wear 4″ spike heels after not wearing any heels at all since July? Am I the only one raising my hand sheepishly? Oh good, I’m not alone, wait, what, I am? Also, guess who discovered yesterday that she sprained her ankle when she tripped over the doorsill at the restaurant? I’m not pointing fingers, but if I did I suspect I’d be looking right at it.

We all met at this new local seafood restaurant and my husband and I took a chance and ordered the hot seafood platter. When it arrived, I nearly fell off my chair. Crab and lobster and halibut oh my! Add in the mussels, clams, salmon and prawns, plus a pile of rice bigger than my head and there you have it. 


Add in a deep fried Mars bar for dessert, complete with a candle and the table full of people (and, I suspect, some people from the next table over) singing Happy Birthday and you have the makings of a great night. 


Time with amazing girlfriends is great for the soul. Laughs and time spent with people who fill your bucket and lift you up can cure most ails. The people who love you, who know you, who share your secrets, the good times and bad are what make any celebration a party. 



To top it off, my mom gifted me with a beautiful Pandora bracelet, complete with a treble clef and Cinderella’s castle. I’ve been considering getting one for myself ever since I heard about the Disney collection, and after admiring all the pretty charms on my mom’s bracelet, but I’m too cheap waffly about things. I am so excited to start collecting all the pretty charms  now! 


All in all, I think it was an amazing way to start off my 38th year. I’m hoping that this bodes well for the rest of it! 

What is your favourite way to celebrate your birthday? 


  1. says

    Happy Birthday! 38 is going to be an amazing year for you. You started it off perfectly :-). And I’m so jealous of that dinner and the dessert, oh my! I wish you nothing but the best this year.

    • Brandee says

      Thank you so much Jackie. I can always give you the name of the restaurant if you feel like taking a wee trek out. 😉

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