The magic of Christmas lights

There are so many special things that signal the Christmas season for me.  Things that I am trying to make a part of traditions with my own family, some that were passed down from when I was growing up.  When a number of the other Vancouver Mom Top 30 bloggers class of 2012 and I decided to do a 12 days of Christmas traditions this year, I had to think about what I wanted mine to be.  Would it be Christmas stories?  TV shows that we watch every year?  Food we eat or make?  As I was mulling these things over, one thing came to me.

Christmas lights.

Christmas lights have to be one of my favourite parts of the holidays.  I love how beautiful and cheerful things look all lit up, even on the darkest and dreariest of West Coast winter nights.  We almost never get snow in December here, so the lights are the one thing that really mean Christmas is here for me.  Every year, I eagerly wait for places to start putting their lights up and turning them on.  Each night, I drive past houses and notice which ones are on, and who hasn’t turned theirs on yet.  The neighbourhood that I live in is a fantastic place to see lights.  Almost everyone here does a beautiful display, and as you drive down the road, there are coloured lights everywhere you look.  To me, it’s magical.

Seeing the lights is something that I can remember doing with my family for as long as I can, well, remember.  Every year, at least once or twice in December, we would bundle into the car and go for a drive in search of lights.  There have always been a few houses in town that do spectacular light displays, and we would drive all over town looking for them. When I say spectacular, I mean it.  People would pull their cars over to the side of the road so that they could get  a better look at the lights, and delight in their magic for a few more minutes.  Some places would have music, and a couple of farms used to have drive-through displays, with a nativity scene projected in shadows onto the barn.

Even as I got older, we would still go and look at the lights. When I was around 19, I remember taking my Great-Grama out in the Suzuki Sidekick that I owned at that time.  She was quite old then, and I had a little step-stool so she could get into my truck.  I picked her up at her home, and we drove out to the big displays, and looked at them together.  That was so special to me.

I remember going to the drive-through light displays at a local nursery each year with my Grama as an adult.  We would drive the car through the nursery, with the radio turned to the appropriate station so we could hear the accompanying music with each new show of lights, each one more spectacular and beautiful than the one before it.  After that, we would park the car and go inside to buy tickets for the little train.  It didn’t matter how cold it was, we would all ride the train through the light display and ooh and ahhh at the lights.  Then we would go for a hot chocolate at the little cafe.  I miss that.  I also think that I will take Q there this year, if it’s running, and share those memories with him.

Even since I have been married, we have gone out every year, usually with my husband driving so that I can look at the lights.  There is something about them, that can make even a bad day better.  In my eyes, they are magic, and I hope to share that with Q as he grows up.  For we could all use a little more magic in our lives, even if only for a few weeks a year.

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What are your favourite Christmas traditions?  Anything new that you’ve incorporated as an adult or since you had a family?


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    I agree with their magic I love christmas lights too!! We have a house nearby ours (near kensington) that has a HUGE display every year. They raise money for a charity in their sons honor actually, he passed away way too young. We always make a point of visiting with them and what not. I think they’re the reason most people don’t decorate in our area, no one can compete lol!!

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    Love Christmas lights of the twinklies as I like to call them ‘-O! They are without a doubt my favorite part of Christmas. And the little ones LOVE them.


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