That time that Netflix became my saviour…

It is nearing the end of the school year, and that normally means lots of sun, fun and time outside. It’s supposed to be the time of year when the germs take a break from their all-out assault on little bodies (and the big ones that care from them, ha) and everyone is healthy enough to enjoy the end of year festivities. Right? 


This year, for some (seriously uncool) reason, a couple of nasty bugs have been zooming through our school and, subsequently, our home. I have to say, though, that I don’t think I’ve ever been more grateful to have Netflix than I have over the last few weeks. It’s tough enough to entertain a grouchy, sick kid who is off from school when you, the parent, are healthy, but when you are sick too? It is absolutely your best friend. 

Pneumonia has been kicking my butt, and has left me pretty much laid up in bed. If you’ve ever been stuck in bed for more than a day or two, you know that there is only so much daytime TV that can be watched, especially if you don’t want soap operas or talk shows. Instead, I’ve been able to rest my body and still entertain my mind with my current binge-worthy shows like “Switched at Birth”, “Jane the Virgin”, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” and movies like “Alice Through the Looking Glass” and “Captain America Civil War”.

Q has also caught some kind of icky virus, and ended up missing school most of last week. Sick kid and sick mom = bad combo. This was where Netflix became my saviour. I could set Q up on his tablet or the desktop computer to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Pokemon”, or “Walking with Monsters”. What he watches changes throughout the day, as he prefers to watch a movie while he’s having a snack, a quick show while he’s in between things, or a series for when he has a bit more time to really tuck into sonething. 

That is probably one of my personal favourite aspects of Netflix, that we can each watch what we want, when we want. No more waiting a week for the next episode of “Scandal” or being annoyed because you forgot to set the PVR to tape it. And with the ability to actually download some shows and movies onto your phone or tablet, you can keep kids entertained while you wait for hours at the walk-in clinic. Trust me – if you haven’t tried downloading, you need to try it. Even if you don’t have a sick kid, as we rapidly plummet towards summer vacation, road trip season, and days at the beach, trust me, it is something you need to explore, even if just for your own entertainment or sanity. Ha. 

Do you remember pouring through the TV Guide each week growing up, fingers crossed that you would not only be able to find your favourite show on a channel that you actually *got, but that you’d be home at the right time too. Our kids will never know that agony, and as one who remembers those days well, I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing. Especially when one or both of you is sick. 

How does your family watch? Are you daytime, evening or early morning people? 

We are a part of the Netflix StreamTeam, and get to share some of our favourites with you each month. I felt that although much more serious than our normal StreamTeam sharing, this was extremely important to share. We do receive some perks from Netflix for being part of the team, however, all opinions and thoughts are our own, and as always, we’re sharing because we truly think you will enjoy it or hope it will be of value to you and your family. 

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