Summertime fun with Netflix #streamteam

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It’s summertime, and as we all know, there are very few good, new shows that air during the summer. Or so I thought. A few months ago, after wondering why everyone kept raving about it, we joined Netflix. Oh Netflix. Since joining, our eyes have been opened up to a whole world of cool shows. Old shows, new shows, ones we’ve watched and loved and ones we’d never heard of. Awesome, all of them.

It is perfect for Q – he has found so many new favourites. I could go on and on about them (heaven knows that he does!) but I will save that for another day. Instead, I thought I’d introduce some of his newest, and Canadian (bonus!) favourites that have really sparked his imagination this month.

animal mechanicals

This has been a HUGE hit in our house. It is about 5 animal friends, Rex, Unicorn, Komodo, Mouse, and Sasquatch, who each have a special ability and can transform themselves into different shapes to solve problems. This one has been fantastic for his imagination. He tries to think of fun and cool things that he could do if he was mechana- strong like Rex, or had mechana-gizmos like Komodo, or, his favourite, mechana-stretchy arms like Sasquatch. He has told me stories, both about episodes that he has watched or ones he’s made up, draws pictures about them, and sings the song. I love how this show has sparked some creativity in him just by watching. If it can kill two birds with one stone that way, even better.

franny's feet

Franny’s Feet is a cute show about a girl who travels around the world and learns about different cultures and ways of life. It is a more quiet show, we find, and good for a bit more relaxing time.


Super Why gas long been one of Q’s favourites. Wyatt, Red, Pig and Princess Pea have been part of his life since he was quite young. He loved the rhyming games, the alphabet song, and Princess Presto and her letters. Of course, the solving of the question and spelling words with the letters collected along the way is fun too. This is a fantastic show for beginning readers and spellers too, as it helped him with some sight recognition words. There is even an app and computer game that we got that he loved. It’s fun to see how Super Why and his friends jump into the stories to save the day.

As you could probably see, we’ve found some new shows that are both fun and a bit educational. In my experience with Q, kids want to learn and be creative, and this just gives them a bit more to spark that fire with.

Do you or your kids have any favourite shows on Netflix right now?

I am part of the Netflix #Streamteam and I receive some special perks as a part of this. All opinions and anecdotes in this post, however, are mine alone, and, as usual, I’m sharing this because I think you’ll like it too.

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