So much fun

I love listening to Q singing and playing his instruments.  From a very early age, he has shown a huge interest in music.  He and I started going to parent and baby music classes when he was about 3 months old, and he’s gone every semester since then.  He is a natural drummer – anything and everything around him is or can become some sort of percussion instrument.  While I will admit that it gets a lot little loud around here, it’s cool to watch his natural sense of rhythm as he hears a song for the first (or third, or 100th) time and can tap out the beat perfectly in time without being shown.

Rocking out on the keytar

He also loves to play anything that could be taken for a guitar, and proudly will put on concerts with his Lolo’s guitar or his own ukelele.  I’ve never seen such a little person play the guitar like that.  He can hold it properly and plucks at the strings proudly.  He sings and plays and it warms my heart.  Music has been a part of my life as long as I can remember, and I was in band and choir all through elementary and high school, and was actually accepted to be a part of an international touring show of young adults called Up with People when I was about 20.  Sadly, I was in a car accident and didn’t get to go, but that’s a whole other story.  I have friends to this day that I met in elementary after-school band all those years ago.

It also amazes me that for someone so young, Q has such a wide variety of musical interests.  He’s never really listened to kids music, and for the most part, prefers to listen to whatever we have on the iPod that day.  He can rock out to Van Halen or have his own little mosh pit listening to Bad Religion.  He can belt out “Country Girl Shake it for Me” or “Welcome to Jamrock” like nobody’s business.  He’s got the words to “Party Rock Anthem” down to a T, and loves to serenade me with “Black and Gold”.  He and I even have a special sleepy song that started about a year and a half ago when I was off work with an injury.  To this day, hearing “Need you now” will relax him, and he sings it beautifully.  It’s his special mummy and Q song.  This is not to say that he doesn’t love The Wiggles, ’cause he does. But I really appreciate that he has grown to love all kinds of songs.

Anything and everything round has recently become a DJ deck, and if he’s not moving, dancing or drumming, chances are he’s asleep.  He’s my crazy kid, and listening to him, and experiencing music from his point of view is one of my favourite parts of the day.  It’s so much fun.

My little DJ - this is serious business


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