Sleeping Beauty – a Disney Classic


It’s not a secret that I love Disney movies. I always have, for as long as I can remember, actually. There is just something so magical about seeing these stories turned into beautifully animated movies, at least for me. Some of my earliest movie memories are of Disney movies. So when I found out that Sleeping Beauty was going to be released as a Diamond edition Blu-Ray, I was really excited. This was one of the movies that I hadn’t yet had the chance to share with Q, and I was really looking forward to it. He knew the characters and the story, but hadn’t seen movie.

We sat down for a Mummy and Q night and put the movie into the Blu-Ray player. The first thing that I noticed were the colours. They were so vivid and bright, but you could certainly tell that this was one of the original movies. Q really liked the christening of Aurora with the fairies. He wasn’t bothered at all by the cursing by Maleficant, but very young kids might not care for that part. Flora, Fauna and Merriweather were big hits with him, and he reports that they were his favourite part of the christening scene. It’s funny, there are a bunch of parts of the movie that I had totally forgotten about. We laughed pretty hard when the two kings were celebrating the impending marriage of their children, Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora with copious amounts of wine. Q thought that the the tipsy kings and the the page were hilarious.

The classic song was pretty much what I remembered it to be, and the animal friends who dressed up as Aurora’s mystery beau were quite funny to Q. It was sweet, and pretty and something that is probably a part of many people’s childhood memories.

The three fairies provided lots of laughs throughout the movie, and the part of the movie where they are preparing for Auroroa’s birthday had Q completely in stitches. I think he almost fell off the couch he was laughing so hard at their antics. He also loved that they were the ones who provided Prince Phillip with the tools that he needed to defeat Maleficant.

I think that there are a few intense scenes in the movie, most of which involved Maleficant. I think that when she turns into a dragon to defeat Phillip, very young or sensitive kids might be a bit frightened, so that is something to be aware of if you are watching it for the first time with your kids. Q was fine with it though, so I think that it would be ok for most kids.

There are a few bonus features on the Blu-Ray combo pack which are kind of cool. There is a karaoke version of Once upon a Dream which was kind of neat. There are also some fun previews, which if your kids are anything like mine, they will enjoy watching.

The 2-Disc Diamond Edition Blu-ray Superset (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy) contains digitally restored picture and sound, a digital copy of the film, and a variety of magical new bonus features, including “Once Upon A Parade,” in which “Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland tells us the tale of Walt Disney World’s new Festival Of Fantasy Parade, “Art of Evil: Generations Of Disney Villains,” a legacy piece spotlighting Disney’s favorite villain animator and Maleficent creator Marc Davis, and “@DisneyAnimation: Artists in Motion,” in which Walt Disney Animation Visual Development artist Brittney Lee goes through the process of creating a three dimensional sculpture of Maleficent, completely out of paper. Additional all-new bonus features include never-before-seen deleted scenes “The Fair” (with Deleted Character The Vulture,) “The Curse is Fulfilled” and “Arrival Of Maleficent,”. The Blu-ray Superset also includes classic DVD bonus features and more!

If you love Disney movies, this is definitely one to have in your collection. Sleeping Beauty is available now in stores.

We were provided with a copy of Sleeping Beauty for review purposes only, but all opinions on this movie are ours alone. We are sharing this with you because we believe that you will like it.


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