Return to the jungle with Mowgli and friends with The Jungle Book 2


Q and I spent a rainy Sunday afternoon watching the Jungle Book 2. He has been quite excited about this movie for at least a week and has been talking about it to everyone. When I found the envelope on the front porch, Q was practically vibrating with excitement in the hopes that it might possibly contain The Jungle Book 2 inside. Now just imagine how thrilled he was to discover that it did!

We sat down to start the movie and he was enthralled. It starts out with a puppet show of Mowgli’s story, told by Mowgli, of course, to his new family and his friend, Shanti. He misses the jungle, though, and it’s quite clear that he is not quite comfortable in the village. When he and his new little brother Ranjan try to introduce Shanti to the fun that is the jungle, things go wrong and Mowgli gets grounded. He then decides that he doesn’t want to live there anymore. As it turns out, Baloo is desperately missing his little buddy, and, much to Bagheera’s dismay, is set on going to see him. The two meet up and get involved in all kinds of shenanigans. Shere Khan is still in the jungle, and still has a hate-on for Mowgli. Even worse, Shere Khan is somewhat of a laughing stock with the other animals after having his tail lit on fire. This makes his grudge worse. Shanti and Ranjan go looking for Mowgli, and discover the adventures and pitfalls of the jungle. Mowgli realizes that he will need both his human and animal families in order to save himself and his friends from Shere Khan.

A particularly funny moment for Q involved Ranjan, Kaa the python, and a big rock. He laughed so hard that I thought that he was going to roll right off the couch. There were a couple of familiar songs, and some new ones, and of course, Q was singing along with the “Bare Necessities” song. I really liked the version of “I wanna be like you” at the end of the movie performed by Smash Mouth.

The Jungle Book 2 is a lot of fun, and if you liked the first one, you will enjoy this one too. This new digital master of The Jungle Book 2 is on Blu-ray for the first time, and wilder than ever in breathtaking high definition! The Blu-Ray combo pack also comes with a digital copy, which is perfect for those times when you need to have a movie on the go, as well as fun bonus features like a sing-along, music videos and deleted scenes. It is available to buy everywhere on March 18th.

I was provided a copy of The Jungle Book 2 for review, but all opinions and stories are my own. As usual, I’m sharing this with you because I think you’ll enjoy it.

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