Parent Life Network & CST investing in careers of the future -Twitter party April 7th

Growing up, computers weren’t something that you found in many homes. Careers were pretty much as they had always been, and I honestly don’t think that anyone could have predicted just how technology would explode and change not only our lives, but our jobs too. I think that my dad was always interested in technology, though, which meant that my sister and I were exposed to some pretty early computers. I remember when my dad brought a Texas Instruments computer back from a trip to visit family in the US. It had a book that taught you how to program your own game or little man, and you could change the colours, if, and this was a big if, you could program it correctly.  I spent hours trying to get that thing to work, and I remember how excited I was when my little man on the screen danced.
When I was mid-way through elementary school, my parents bought a personal computer, complete with monitor and dot matrix printer. I can’t even imagine how expensive that couldn’t have been for them. I  do know that they wanted to give us the best that they could and have us be familiar with computers at an early age. We played games as a family, made greeting cards and had typed reports. Since then, computers and technology have played a big role in many parts of my life, including my job, and I have always been grateful to my parents for making that investment in us and our future.

Even in the last 10 years, things have changed at a crazy rate, and the careers that we prepared ourselves for in school just aren’t the only ones anymore. In another 10-15 years, really by 2030, when our kids are old enough to be pondering their careers, things are going to be completely different. Canadian Scholarship Trust (CST) is looking towards the careers of the future, and the kinds that today’s kids will be pursuing, and some of them are wild! Q currently wants to be a doctor, and I could see tele-surgeon being right up his alley. It’s exciting to me as a parent, because in 2030, my dude will be 22 years old, just starting into his chosen career.

CST Learning Project Competition

Our friends over at CST get this. They just launched their annual CST Learning Project Competition which funds new learning activities for children with $250,000 up for grabs. The grand prize is $100,000. They take the future seriously! It’s part of their cool Inspired Minds program that also includes Careers 2030—a deep dive into the possible careers our kids will have. (Robot Counsellor? Data Miner? Rewilder?) The possibilities are endless.

#CSTLearningProject Twitter Party

Parent Life Network and Canada Scholarship Trust (CST) Foundation will be hosting a Twitter Party and you’re invited! Join us for an hour of fun to discuss the future, robots and all of the possible jobs that will be available to our little ones. We’ll be giving away $1,000 in that hour!

Date: Thursday, April 7

Time: 9 p.m. EDT 

Hashtag: #CSTLearningProject

Hosts: @ParentLifeNet @CSTConsultants

Eligibility: Canada-wide

Prizing: $1,000 in prizing to be awarded.
Important: You must RSVP below in order to be eligible to win the cash prizes.

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