Making memories

Tonight, the Q man and I had a special date.  We went to see Toy Story 3 on Ice after I took him out for a super fancy dinner at McDonald's (his choice).  It was nice to get out, just the two of us, for something special and out of the ordinary, and we had a great time together.  It is just such fun hanging out with him now - he's developing such a fun personality.  I had told him before that we … [Read more...]

Hug your kids

Today, I learned that the 16 month old son of a co-worker lost his long battle with cancer earlier this month.  My first thought was that I wanted to hug my little man and never let him go.  My second thought was how could this happen?  What kind of world is this where a 16 month old baby has to suffer from cancer?  And where two parents have to say goodbye to their son when they have only just … [Read more...]

The joys of learning

In the last couple of weeks, I have been trying to pay closer attention to the things I observe and learn each day. I find that so much can slip by in a flash, without us really even noticing, so that all we are left with is a passing though or a fleeting glimpse of something cool. I constantly wonder at the ability of my 3 year old to learn new things. Each day is something diffent to him, … [Read more...]

This is what I call perfect

Once again I am excited to be taking part in Stasha's Monday Listicles.  This week's topic is 10 things that make a perfect vacation.  Since we took an amazing 2 week holiday back in September to California, I thought that I would talk about the 10 things that made it perfect to me. 1.  Hotel rooms that we didn't have to clean up and had (mostly) comfy beds.  2. Crazy hair car pictures 3. … [Read more...]

Is customer service dead?

Recently, I have experienced both very good and very bad customer service.  Sadly, it seems as though the bad service is becoming much more the norm than the good these days.  Lackluster employees who treat the customer as an inconvenience or annoyance are found more and more at businesses and restaurants.  As a customer, this makes me angry.  As a person, it makes me kind of sad. Let me give you … [Read more...]


I think that this is a lesson that we, as adults, need to remember.  We get so focused on the goal that sometimes we miss the fun of getting there.  We have forgotten that no matter how high, or difficult something looks, there is a way to make it to the top.  Who says that we can't learn from our kids... … [Read more...]


I had just turned 17 years old when I joined the Canadian Armed Forces reserves.  I left for my basic training 2 weeks after I graduated from high school.  I spend 7 weeks away from my family and friends, endured more "character building" than I had ever imagined possible, did things that I never thought that I could, and came home a different, more confident girl than I was when I left.  During … [Read more...]