Parenting is messy – drinks don’t need to be with Keurig

Have you ever had those moments where you wished for a coffee, but didn't have the energy to make it? Yup. Me too. Quite often, actually. When the kid has a cold and has been up allllllll night coughing (me!), when you couldn't get comfortable in bed and spent the whole night tossing and turning (me again), or were just plain old parent-tired (you guessed it, me, ha!) More times than I can count, … [Read more...]

How to support a friend with chronic pain

As I have been traveling this bumpy road on my journey with CRPS and chronic pain, I have had a lot of time to think about stuff. I'm sure for many people it is weird or strange or uncomfortable to have someone in your life dealing with chronic pain or illness. Especially if you have never dealt with this kind of thing yourself, it can be hard to know how to act around or support that person. I've … [Read more...]

How clueless do you have to be? 

Have we gotten to a point where we are just so self-involved that we don't care how our actions affect others? Have we forgotten that the world doesn't revolve around us, or that we don't live in a bubble? Some days I wonder just how self absorbed people can get,to be honest. Allow me to get my rantsy pants on for a few minutes, will you?  On Mother's Day, my guys took me to see the new … [Read more...]

He likes to move it, move it…

Over the last couple of months, I've been working hard to try and up my photography game. I've been playing around with the manual mode on my phone camera, and with the weather being so awesome lately, I've had tons of opportunities to try and capture some action outs of Q. It helps tons that he likes to move it, move it, as the song says. Sorry if you have it stuck in your head now, but as with … [Read more...]

Signs from Heaven

Sometimes, when we lose someone close to us, it can feel like they are gone forever. Gone are the emails and phone calls, the talks and the visits. They leave a void, some bigger than others, but always present. When my Dad died almost a year and a half ago, my heart broke. Without my Daddy, the first man I ever loved, my forever protector, I had a huge hole in my heart. He was my biggest … [Read more...]

Learn all about RESP’s with Parent Life Network & CST

University education is getting more and more expensive every year. More and more young adults are incurring large amounts of debt to pay for their university educations, and as costs rise, the length of time that it will take to get out from that debt is increasing too. I graduated in 2004 with my Bachelor's Degree. Prior to that, I had completed a 2 year Associate of Arts degree, as it was an … [Read more...]

No siblings, no rivalry, no problems

As an only child, Q only has to worry about sharing the TV and agreeing on shows with my husband and I. No siblings, no rivalry, no problems. Right? Since he will never know the joy of battling and negotiating with a sibling to decide on which show to watch, so we make sure to have him practice his negotiating skills on us when it comes to family Netflix time. It can be hard to agree on … [Read more...]

20 reasons why having an only child is awesome

I often see articles and pieces talking about how wonderful it is to have more than one child, how special sibling relationships are, and how much only children (and the parents of only children) miss out on when they have only one child. Fair enough, I'm sure for some, having 2 or more children is fantastic. I can't personally comment on that, since Q is an only child and will remain one. So I … [Read more...]