No siblings, no rivalry, no problems

As an only child, Q only has to worry about sharing the TV and agreeing on shows with my husband and I. No siblings, no rivalry, no problems. Right? Since he will never know the joy of battling and negotiating with a sibling to decide on which show to watch, so we make sure to have him practice his negotiating skills on us when it comes to family Netflix time. It can be hard to agree on … [Read more...]

20 reasons why having an only child is awesome

I often see articles and pieces talking about how wonderful it is to have more than one child, how special sibling relationships are, and how much only children (and the parents of only children) miss out on when they have only one child. Fair enough, I'm sure for some, having 2 or more children is fantastic. I can't personally comment on that, since Q is an only child and will remain one. So I … [Read more...]

Songs to make you smile 2 – Music Monday 

I am not sure how the weather has been where you are, but here it has been gorgeous. Spring has truly arrived and the weather has been pretty much perfect, if not occasionally a bit warm, for my daily morning walks. This week has been pretty stressful for me, and let me tell you, stress and  CRPS are not a good combination. As a result, I've been dealing with some really high … [Read more...]

Spring has arrived

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been walking pretty much daily , taking my son to and from school and then walking around the track. It is so beautiful up here, tons of flowers, trees, lots of nature and bugs to see. My phone has an absolutely fantastic camera, and while using auto mode generally gets me great shots, I figure that as someone who loves to take pictures, it is well past time … [Read more...]

Supporting One Girl Can for their #IWant2Be Fundraiser – Event listing 

   For as long as I can remember, I have loved to read. I wrote stories and poems, journals and notes to friends. I've always had a curiosity and desire to learn, and I cannot imagine what life would be like without those opportunities. For some girls, though, this desire to learn and explore can actually put their lives into danger. Imagine how awful that would be! Enter One Girl … [Read more...]

Let’s walk – Music Monday

How is it April already? I know it's been a while since I've done a Music Monday, but with a new month, all that's changing and I am back to it. I don't have a definitive theme for this week, aside from these all being good songs.  I have recently started working out again, something I haven't been able to do for acouple months. Between the bouts of bronchitis and strep throat leading up to … [Read more...]

Marriage markets, personal choices and the SK-II Change Destiny campaign

I have always been someone who kind of marched to the beat of my own drummer, trying to find my own way through this crazy thing we call life, doing things in my own time and on my own terms. I am blessed to have always felt supported by my family in the decisions and choices I have made, whether or not they agreed with them - I joined the Army Reserves at 17, trying out to become part of an … [Read more...]

Harmonica with Q – Q’s views

Hello everyone, this is Q. Welcome to a new Q's views! I found a harmonica to play the other day and decided to put on a little song and dance show for you all. This was my first time playing the harmonica. I came up with all of the songs myself. The harmonica is something you blow into and it makes different sounds. It is made out of metal and people who like music play it. It was easy to … [Read more...]