Learning all about gators at Gatorland – Q’s views

  Hi, this is Q and I am going to talk about my vacation in February. I'm sorry it took so long, but here it is. I wanted to split it up into three posts for you to read, and I want to start with our visits to Gatorland and Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. First, we took a trip to visit Gatorland. My mom, my grandma Lola and I all went to Gatorland. Once we got there, the … [Read more...]

Finding inspiration on Netflix…

I've talked a lot over the last couple years about the fact that we don't believe in gendering things like books, toys and shows when it comes to our son. He is just as likely to watch and enjoy an episode of Lego Friends or Ever After High as he is to watch Teen Titans Go or Star Wars The Clone Wars. He has been taught that except when it comes to things like clothes … [Read more...]

UncommonGoods – the place to find awesome gifts for people who have it all…

Spring is a busy time for many people. We are finally out of the Christmas season,and are rapidly approaching the wedding and graduation season, as we hurtle towards summer? Plus, a special someone you might know (ahem) has a big birthday coming up in April and I thought it might be nice to give you some hints in case you'd like to get me something. Or, anyone else who might be celebrating, of … [Read more...]

The real reason Netflix profiles exist…

Cheaters are all among us. As much as we'd like to think that cheating never happens, we are kidding ourselves if we think otherwise. Let's be honest. We all do it. Ha! Boardgames, diets, favourite places to eat, we all do it. And don't try to argue any different, because guaranteed you have at some point in your life. Before you get mad at me, or wonder when exactly I lost my ever-loving mind, … [Read more...]

Look away, look away – this show is too unpleasant to bear 

Of all of the books made into shows that people have been looking forward to, 'A series of Unfortunate Events' is one that everyone around me has been eagerly looking forward to. Having never read the books as a kid (or, for that matter, an adult), I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I am, however, a fan of Neil Patrick Harris, so knew I would be giving it a try.  Q, however, had seen the … [Read more...]

Inside the mind of my 8 yr old

I've been seeing one of those cute "ask your kids" questionnaires floating around on Facebook over the past few weeks. Basically, the premise is that you ask your child a series of questions, and then record their answers exactly as they say, without any prompting. I had wanted to do it with Q, but wasn't sure just how receptive he'd be. Plus, I was lazy and just hadn't gotten around to trying, … [Read more...]

My amazing, spectacular Christmas vacation – Q’s views

My Christmas holidays were awesome. First, me and my Dad went sledding at the Rotary Stadium hill. I crashed twice but it was fun. My sled got wrecked because it got a hole in it. Dad went sledding too, on my sled. It was cold and there was lots of snow. The hill was steep and I was tired from climbing up. I was glad I went.  The next day me, Mom and Lola went to Fantastic beasts and Where … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide for gamers of all ages

Welcome to the One Crazy Kid Holiday Gift Guide!  This is our second gift guide, and one near and dear to my heart, as we are a family of gamers. The family who games together, stays together and all that, right? We all game on different platforms, which is kind of neat because then we get exposed to different kinds of games. My husband and son are both PS4 and tablet gamers, and my son … [Read more...]