Our class pets are caterpillars

Our class pets are caterpillars. Caterpillars turn into butterflies. Now our caterpillars are cocoons.

They started out as super tiny. Then they grew super fat. Then yesterday they turned into a cocoon.

The cocoon looks like a woodchip.


Can you see them?

Two of them did not make it. There is one who is still waiting and I bet he is going to turn into his cocoon today.


Soon they will turn into butterflies. They squeeze out of the cocoon until they turn into a butterfly.

We used to feed them. At first we fed them special things, and now we feed them leaves. I think they get fat because they eat lots to turn into a cocoon. Another name for a cocoon is a chrysalis.


They are living in an aquarium in our classroom. They are sleeping in the cocoons right now. Their cocoons are hanging at the top of the aquarium. One is hanging in a jar. They are all at the top except that one guy. I wonder where the one who is still waiting will hang his cocoon?


The steps for becoming a butterfly are:
1. Super tiny egg
2. Super super tiny caterpillar
3. They get fat
4. They turn into cocoons
5. Then they turn into a butterfly or a moth.

What is your favourite kind of butterfly or moth? Have you ever seen a caterpillar turn into a cocoon and then a butterfly? Please leave me a note and let me know! Thank you!

This post was written entirely by Q, age 6. He enjoys sharing his Q’s views with you and hopes you enjoy them too. He even took the pictures for today’s post. I am very proud.


  1. says

    Q! Watching butterflies come out of their chrysalis is one of my favorite things… My kiddos and I raised painted lady butterflies last year and we are planning to do it again this year. The best part for me is that there is a little bit of pigment left over when they come out, like they were actually painted. Have fun with the caterpillars!

  2. says

    This is so very cool, Q! I’ve always wanted to see a butterfly burst out of its chrysalis. I hope you and your classmates will get to see them transform.

  3. karincarpenter says

    Hi Q I’m pretty jealous that you get to watch them so closely like that! I hope you post again when they start to come out of their cocoons so we can all see! In grade three we got to have a chicken egg incubator in our classroom and it was neat to see the chicks hatching! It took a long time and I bet the caterpillars will take a long time to wriggle free of their cocoons too. Do you know how many days they stay in them for before they are ready to come out?

  4. says

    We had caterpillars as class pets when I was in elementary school. I loved seeing them turn into butterflies. I would love to have something like this at home. I love monarchs!

  5. says

    Hi Q! What at great post, I love that you made sure to ask the readers questions at the end.

    What is your favourite kind of butterfly or moth? My favorite kind of butterfly is the Monarch – the colors are just so pretty & they are very common where I live (Buffalo, New York).

    Have you ever seen a caterpillar turn into a cocoon and then a butterfly? I have seen this a few times. In the same setting you are! I was either a student in school learning about the caterpillar’s life cycle. Or I was a substitute teacher in a classroom doing the same!

    Enjoy your time with your butterflies & watching them fly off when you release them!

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