No siblings, no rivalry, no problems

As an only child, Q only has to worry about sharing the TV and agreeing on shows with my husband and I. No siblings, no rivalry, no problems. Right? Since he will never know the joy of battling and negotiating with a sibling to decide on which show to watch, so we make sure to have him practice his negotiating skills on us when it comes to family Netflix time. It can be hard to agree on something to watch as a family, but lately we have found a few that fit that bill. 


Netflix has put out some really awesome original shows over the last couple of months, and Fuller House and Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday have been two of Q’s favourites. He and I have worked our way through the whole first season of Fuller House, much to his chagrin, and now it is pretty much his go to show whenever he watches Netflix on his own. He laughs so hard he has nearly fallen out of his chair on more than one occasion, and can often be heard singing the theme song or tossing out favourite lines from the show. He loves the boys and thinks that Gibbler Style is hilarious!

Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday was hilarious for both of us. We watched it together on a lazy Sunday morning, and let me assure you, there is tons of funny for both grown-ups and their kids. As a bonus, Joe Manginello plays himself and is some serious eye candy for the mamas watching. Q was reluctant to watch at first, because he wanted to watch Fuller House, however, as soon as Pee-Wee started his crazy contraption to get himself out of the house, Q was hooked. It was a lot funnier than I anticipated, and I enjoyed taking the cross-country adventure with Pee-Wee. It was especially cool for Q and I once Pee-Wee got to NYC, as we were there in December and were able to recognize some of the city. Now we want to try and find some rootbeer barrels and chocolate milkshakes for the next time we watch Pee-Wee (which I know we will). Q also thought it would be fun to to share his thoughts about these shows in his own words, in a Q’s Review video we made for you all.

Netflix recognizes that it can be hard to decide on what to watch, so they have put together a few really cool playlists that should have something for everyone.  These are a couple of our faves from each playlist, stuff that appealed to both the 7 year old and myself. I know how hard it can be, and how tiresome it gets watching the same kids shows over and over and over… We were able to find something in each playlist that worked for our family, and hope you will too.

A tale of two distant ages

Sugar and spice



Meet in the Middle

Also, before I forget, it’s Kimmy Schmidt time again! Who’s ready? 

Troll the respawn Jeremy! Do you have you Pinot Noir and caviar ready to watch with? Really, can you tell I’m excited? I LOVED the first season of Kimmy, and cannot wait to binge watch the second season. However, to prolong the awesome, I decided that I would start the show from Season 1 again, so that’s what I’m doing now. And laughing my butt off, catching things I missed the first time around, and just loving it. Are you a Kimmy fan? If not, why not? You should totally watch it. For now I will leave you with a “Later buuuuuuudy”.

What are you watching this month? Have you watched any of these shows? Were they a hit? 
I am a part of the Netflix StreamTeam, and get to share some of my favourites with you each month. I do receive some fun perks from Netflix for being part of the team, however, all opinions and thoughts are my own, and as always, I’m sharing because I truly think you will enjoy it.

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