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Hi, this is Q here and this is what happens when you bang your lip with my knees and bit it at the same time. This happened today at gymnastics training. I am a gymnast and I’m on the conpetitive team. I train 2 times a week right now but soon I will train more. I really love gymnastics.

This is how I did it. I was doing a roll and I banged my knee on my mouth and bit it at the same time. Then it was puffy and it was bleeding a little. I cried a little. 

Even though it really hurt, I didn’t sit out for the rest of my training. I just rested for a few minutes and then I went back to training. I felt good and proud of myself because I didn’t want to give up.

 I also got two rips on my hands today when I was on the bars. They were calluses and they got ripped. It hurt a lot. My coach taped up my hand and told me it was the mark of a warrior.

Here is the life lesson. Never give up when stuff hurts. I wasn’t going to quit and I don’t want other people to quit either because if you give up and are a quitter you will regret it totally. 


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    That truly is a sign of a warrior. I’m proud of you. I would still be proud of you even if you did sit out for the rest of the training that day but I would expect you to go to your next session even more determined!

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