My Son The Pirate Jedi Superhero

Who doesn’t like to play dress up every once in a while? I know that getting dressed up as our favourite characters is something we’ve all indulged in as children… or adults. And before you ask; yes, that includes me too. I love finding new costumes and dressing up, I find it gives me the feeling of getting to be someone else, if even just for a little while. Put me in a Snow White dress or a tutu and fairy wings and I get to let my imagination go.

My son is the same way. He loves to dress up and escape to the depths of his imagination. He can go from being Captain Hook battling against Tic Toc Croc with nothing more than a simple pirate hat and a sword. He has a full Captain Hook costume, complete with hat. Add a sword and some fake hair and you could be Captain Jack Sparrow. It’s quite a great outfit.

The Avengers are big favourites around my house, and rarely will a day go by that my son isn’t found in his Iron Man hoodie. Character hoodies are great, because they can be worn with pretty much anything, anywhere, and their imagination-sparking ability is endless. You could be Iron Man on the playground (which he often is), the Hulk at the park or at the ice rink. Even a Thor toque can put my son in the mood to be Thor and battle for Asgaard or be Dr. Don Blake back on earth.  Pretend play like this is so great for their creativity and imaginations, and it’s neat how little kids need to really make things seem real.

Superheros Collage

If you are like me, you probably have a house full of lightsabers and Star Wars gear. Even the biggest kids (including my husband) can’t resist walking by a lightsaber or Darth Vader mask and not picking it up. There is just something about Star Wars that people find irresistible.

I find that just having costume pieces and character clothing around helps encourage my son to pretend.

You certainly don’t need to buy full costumes, but you can pick up t-shirts, hats, hoodies, just little pieces that can help inspire imaginations. Books, music and DVDs all help to bring the stories to life and give kids something that they can expand on through their own costume play. What kid doesn’t dream of flying to Neverland to help Peter Pan, spreading frost over the land with Periwinkle, inventing things like Bobble and Klank, or ruling the galaxy as Darth Vader? I know mine certainly does.

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