My favourite dinosaurs

Today I would like to talk to you about dinosaurs. I would like to be a paleontologist when I am a grown up.

Here is me with my dinosaur book

I asked my mom to put in pictures of the dinosaurs but she is having a hard time finding them so she will do that later.

The earliest dinosaurs appeared 250 million to 200 million years ago. It was called the Triassic period. The earth hadn’t pulled apart yet when these dinosaurs lived.

One of my favourite dinosaurs in this period is the Plateosaurus. He ate plants, he is big and tall and he had cheeks. Many dinosaurs did not have cheeks but he did.

During the Jurassic period 200 million years ago to 145 million years ago Earth’s land began to pull apart in this period. The oceans got higher. There were some deserts too. The earth started to look like it does now but it didn’t quite. The bones from the dinosaurs are still underground.

My favourite of this period are brachiosaurus, camptosaurus, cryolophosaurus.

The brachiosaurus was really tall and had a really long neck and tail that looks like you could slide on them. They eat plants.

The camptosaurus eats plants. His bones were found in the USA. He had short arms but really sharp teeth. He was 7 metres long.

The cryolophosaurus bones were found in Antarctica. He ate meat, like us (we are made of meat too!) and it looked like he had a butterfly wing sitting on top of his head.

In the Early Cretaceous the Earth looked even more like it doss now, but was not quite right yet. This was 145 million years to 100 million years ago. My favourites are the Gastonias, and the Scansoriopteryx and the Microraptor and Iguanodon.

The Gastonia has spikes in his back so that predators can’t eat him. He ate plants. He was almost bigger than us.

The Microraptor ate meat. His bones were found in China. He could glide very well without falling. He also had feathers on his wings. He was smaller than us for sure.

The Scansoriopteryx was really really small. His bones were found in China. He ate meat too. He almost looks like the Microraptor but is way smaller. He looked like a bird. He is only 1 foot tall, so as big as my foot! He had feathers too, like the Microraptor. I wonder if they were related? If you have a dinosaur book that has lots of information about it, please tell me more about this one because I would like to know more about him.

The Iguanodon was taller than us. This guy ate plants. His bones were found in Belgium, England and Germany. I would like to call him Spike. The first bones of his were discovered in 1822!

Now we are moving on to the final time period. The late dinosaurs appeared from 100 million years ago to 65 million years ago. This was called the Late Cretateous. In the late Cretateous, the world pulled apart until finally one day it looked like it does now. It pulled apart very far. I like all the dinosaurs from this time but my most favourite ones were..

Bum, bum bum……

The protoceratops, the tarchia and the third one is the therizinnosaurus. And finally the Tyrannosaurus rex. But wait, there is one more too. The triceratops. Did you know there was a dinosaur that was found in Edmonton Alberta Canada? He was called the Edmontosaurus.

The protoceratops ate plants and it lived in Asia. It was smaller than a man. It’s bones were in Mongolia. Velociraptors ate them and that makes me sad.

Tarchias are super tough. They are almost like a Gastonia but he was so big he could take on a bulldozer and win. He has spikes on his back. He looks almost a bull. He ate plants and his bones were found in Mongolia too. He looks he would ram people.

The next one is the therizinnosaurus. He has long fingernails and he was taller than us. I’m worried that he might have poked himself in the eye with his long claws. His bones were found in China and Mongolia. He are plants and insects. He is fuzzy and I think he kind of looks like the Grinch. They both have the same head. He was 11 metres long.

The triceratops has 800 teeth. His bones were found in the Western Canada and the Western USA. He ate plants and he was 7.6 metres long. He has horns and spikes on his head and a ruffle.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex has lots of teeth and he has teeny arms. His arms were found in the USA in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota, Wyoming, and then in Canada in Alberta and Saskatchewan. He was 12 metres long and he ate meat. He was a really mean dinosaur and everybody was afraid of him.

I wish I could go to the past and see all the dinosaurs because I have never seen one in my whole life. Nobody has. They were all destroyed. Some people think that they were destroyed by something that blocked the sun and killed all the plants and animals. I think it might have been a meteor that killed them.

I want to go and see the dinosaur bones in Alberta at Drumheller and Dinosaur park. Mommy and daddy have seen dinosaur bones in Alberta before.

Please respond and tell me what your favourite and least favourite dinosaurs are so I can look them up in my book. Thank you.

This post was written entirely by Q, age 6. He enjoys sharing his Q’s views with you and hopes you enjoy them too. He researched it all himself too. I am very proud.


  1. says

    Aw. This is cute. I loved dinosaurs as a kid! I remember my favorite was the pterodactyl. Since it flied, and it was actually a predator. I thought it was cool it could fly away from the T-Rex and other larger ones. Do you think if i were alive today you would want to see one?

    -Romina @

    • Brandee says

      Of course I would want to see a dinosaur in real life. I would like to make a time machine to see how every dinosaur died too.

  2. says

    This is so cute! My daughter also loved dinosaurs between the age of 2-5 and I learned more about dinosaurs those years than I had my whole life!

    • Brandee says

      How old is your daughter now? Does she still like dinosaurs? I hope she does because dinosaurs are my favourite too. From Q

    • Brandee says

      How old is Phoenix? What is his favourite dinosaur? That book is really really cool and I think he will like it. From Q.

    • Brandee says

      Wow, cool! I would like to be a paleontologist when I grow up. Thanks for leaving a comment. From Q

  3. says

    First, HOW CUTE IS THIS?! Secondly, I don’t have just one favorite dinosaur. I like velociraptors, utahraptors, and I love the brontosaurus and last September they discovered a dinosaur they’re calling Dreadnoughtus schrani and it’s supposed to be the biggest dinosaur ever! I don’t have a least favorite because I think all dinosaurs are so cool! (Here is a link to the CNN video about the Dreadnoughtus schrani:

    • Brandee says

      So interesting! I will have to look into this new dinosaur and see if he is in my book. If he is, that is is awesome. I wonder if he has a long neck? From Q

  4. says

    I was crazy in love with dinosaurs when I was a kid as well, to the point that I wanted to be a paleontologist.
    My favourite dinosaur is the brontosaurus because it’s a peaceful dinosaur and my least favourite is the T-Rex because it’s so violent!

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