My amazing, spectacular Christmas vacation – Q’s views

My Christmas holidays were awesome. First, me and my Dad went sledding at the Rotary Stadium hill. I crashed twice but it was fun. My sled got wrecked because it got a hole in it. Dad went sledding too, on my sled. It was cold and there was lots of snow. The hill was steep and I was tired from climbing up. I was glad I went. 

The next day me, Mom and Lola went to Fantastic beasts and Where to Find them at the Cineplex theatre. It is about a guy named Newt who had a suitcase full of monsters that kept escaping in New York City. It was exciting and I liked it because there were monsters. My favourite monster was called a Niffler. He looked like a platypus and he stole money and jewellery. He hid stuff in his pouch and he could hide tons of stuff in there. My mom got me fries and a slushy at the movie. 

We also saw Rogue One a Star Wars story at the Cineplex theatre. I went with Dad and Mom to see it. It was about a girl named Jyn who was trying to get the Death Star plans for the Rebellion. I was excited about it because it was a new Star Wars movie and I like Star Wars. My Dad also likes Star Wars. Mom sort of likes Star Wars. I didn’t like the end of the movie but I liked the rest of it. My favourite character was Chirrut because he had a staff. The movie was exciting and sad. 

On Christmas I got a lot of Skylanders characters. My favourite Skylander that I got is Kaos. I also got 4 Creation Crystals for Christmas – the Light one, the Air one, the Life one, and the Magic one. I also got a Harry Potter magic wand. I also got a bunch of Star Wars Rogue One figurines, 3 books, a Millenium Falcon and a Chirrut FunkoPop figurine and some other things too. 

On Christmas dinner, we went to Lola’s house. This time my cousins Ivory and Kalysta didn’t make me laugh at the dinner table because only me and Kalysta were at our dinner table. Normally, they would make me laugh and I get in trouble because my mom doesn’t want me to choke. I ate turkey, rice, a little bit of cauliflower and buns. After dinner, we exchanged presents. I handed them all out to everyone. The rest of the night there was joy and laughter. We popped Christmas crackers. We also got crowns and jokes and toys in our crackers and I got a golden crown. 

I had a sleepover for New Years Eve at Lola’s house. I finally got to stay up till midnight. At midnight, after the countdown on TV, Lola and I banged pots and pans for a while. Apparently my cousin Ivory was the first one to touch my Lola’s dog Jethro in the New Year. I was the first one to hug Bella, my Lola’s other dog, and the first one to pet Mittens, my Lola’s cat. I had pancakes for breakfast after a good nights sleep. In the morning, Lola made us pancakes at 1130 and then we ate the pancakes together. There was lots of snow and I tried to go sledding but I couldn’t because the snow was too fluffy, so Ivory and I had a snowball fight instead. I had lots of fun. 

That was my amazing, spectacular Christmas vacation. I hope you had a good vacation too. 

I would like it if you told me about your Christmas vacation too in a comment!  


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    Great Christmas and New Years story. I hope you are saving them in a binder so you can read them again in a few years… I did that with my poetry and when I was 63, I published a book of my poems and a few stories which your Mom and Dad have. You may like a story I wrote called Horsey Ride on page 175… I also saved all my Christmas letters which were mostly my year in review – I didn’t write one this year…so next year will have to cover two years. Keep writing your stories Q, I love to read them. With Love Terry

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