Life lessons from Dinotrux

September is almost here, and that means back to school time is almost upon us. New class, new teacher, new friends. This also means possibly being separated from good friends from last year, and the challenges that going along with navigating the year with new people by your side.

This month, a fun new original series called Dinotrux debuted on Netflix. Q first learned about it when an official Dinotrux tool kit arrived at the house for us. He was so excited to check out the episodes as soon as they debuted. Since we are heading back to school next week (gasp!), we thought it would be fun for him to get some writing practice in and share his thoughts with you on the show and what he’s learned from it. So without further ado, allow me to present Q to tell you about Dinotrux.


Dinotrux is interesting because it has dinosaurs that look like trucks. It is also interesting because there are lizards that help fix things for you. They are called reptools. There are many kinds of dinosaurs and there are four kinds of dinosaurs that work together as a team. There is a Tyrannosaurus Trux named Ty Rux. At the beginning, everyone thinks that Ty Rux is scary, but he’s really not. He got hurt when a volcano destroyed his home. He had to move to a new place. When Ty gets there, no one will talk to him until he meets a little reptool named Revvit. Revvit helps Ty Rux fix his broken tread and they become fast friends. As it happens, another T-Trux named D-Structs, lives in the new place already and tells Ty that he needs to leave. Ty decides that he wants to stay and team together with all of the other dinotrux in the valley to fight against D-Structs so that they can all live together in peace. Everyone thinks that the dinotrux and reptools can’t be friends and work together, but Revvit and Ty show everybody that they can be friends even if they are different.

Skya, the cranosaur, Ton-ton the ankylodump, Ty and Revvit all need to work together and use their special talents to save a dozeratop named Dozer from a tar pit after an accident. Together, they manage to rescue him, and stand up to D-Structs. They realize that together, they can do things that they can’t do themselves, which is awesome.

This show taught me that you should never ignore people, and that you should stand up against bullies. People can be friends even if they are different, which is pretty cool. You shouldn’t judge someone by how they look, because they might be nice! These are all good lessons for us to learn.

Netflix sent us an awesome Offical Dinotrux Tool Kit. There were candies, gummy dinosaurs, trading cards about all the dinotrux, stickers, a puzzle and a hat. It was awesomely awesomely cool.



Even my mum tried on the hat! That was funny.


I think that I am most like Ton-Ton because he is a cool dude and crazy and so am I.


I was thinking about it, and there are some dinosaurs that I would like to see in Dinotrux. I would like there to be more about Ty Rux’s family and I think that it would be cool if more kinds of dinosaurs were on the show. I love the show. And can’t wait to see more episodes!

Have your kids checked out Dinotrux yet? What did they think? Have they taken away any life lessons from it?

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