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Hi, this is Q and I am going to talk about my vacation in February. I’m sorry it took so long, but here it is. I wanted to split it up into three posts for you to read, and I want to start with our visits to Gatorland and Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

First, we took a trip to visit Gatorland. My mom, my grandma Lola and I all went to Gatorland.

Once we got there, the first gators we saw were tiny gators, that were around 1-2 years old.

Fifteen minutes after we got there, there was a Jumparoo show. That was where two people were trying to get gators to jump for them to eat some meat. They fed chicken to the alligators. The alligators in the Jumparoo show were huge alligators. There was also one crocodile, the only one there.

After that show, we went to another show. My mom got picked to hold a tarantula. Mom didn’t know what she was going to be holding until they revealed it. She had to close her eyes and when mom opened them, there was a tarantula in her hand. I wouldn’t want to hold a tarantula, yikes! I, myself, thought mom was a bit scared and she was brave.

There were different kinds of gators – the albino gator, and there were leusistic gators. They were all white, kind of like an albino, but they had blue eyes, and the albino gator had reddish pink eyes.

Both of these gators can’t survive in direct sunlight, so they had to build them a special house in the shade. They couldn’t survive in the sun, so they would probably die outside, in the wild. There were 3 leusistic gators and one albino.

We got to feed the gators and it was very fun. We fed them turkey hotdogs. I fed some of mine in a place where you could feed them, and there were some birds that were trying to steal the hotdogs from the gators. I fed some hotdogs in the alligator wrestling arena and the rest I fed to alligators in the breeding marsh.

What was interesting about Gatorland was that they didn’t just have alligators there, they also had birds there too, like flamingos and big white cranes that were very aggressive. They liked to eat the hot dogs too!

There were also little birds too, that you could feed on a stick. We were in a special room and there were lots of little birds there. There was a special stick that you could buy for $5 for 3 sticks, and there were seeds on the sticks. You hold the stick and the birds come on it and peck the seeds, and you can pet some of them if you want.

I also held an alligator and a snake with my mom. I held the tail and my mom held the rest and the snake. I felt brave.

There were a bunch of different alligators that were all sorts of sizes – small, tiny ones and big ones and medium ones too. We saw an alligator monitor lizard too and there were also giant tortoises too.

We walked in the swamp, which was the breeding swamp, and we also walked through the swamp forest. I thought the swamp forest was scary because I was worried there were snakes. We didn’t see any snakes but we did see a little turtle.

There were humongous trees and trees that were tiny and just starting to grow. We don’t have any trees like that here in BC, but we do have different kinds of big trees.

We also saw a humongous gator who couldn’t live around other gators because he was caught in the community stealing dogs to eat. His name was Chester. He is 13 1/2 feet long and he weighs 1000 pounds.

I learned how to tell the difference between crocodiles and alligators. Crocodiles have a V shaped snout, and it’s longer than the alligator. It’s pointy at the end. The alligators snout is bigger in size because it is more round, like a U kind of, and it’s flat and not pointy. Gators make lots of different noises. When gators go ” umph”, that means help!
There was a zip line over the breeding marsh but we didn’t go on it. I didn’t think it looked scary zooming over the alligators.

My favourite part was hard to decide. All of Gatorland was really neat and I learned a lot there.

I will be doing two more blog posts, coming your way very soon, about the rest of my trip, including the Disney Cruise and our visit to Universal Studios.

I hope you liked my post about Gatorland, and that maybe you learned something too. Do you like alligators? Have you ever seen one in person? I’d love it if you wrote back to me and let me know!


  1. Angela says

    Very informative Q! I love the photo of you with your hand in the snout! Is that one an alligator? That’s my guess based on your description of the differences between a croc & a gator. Am I right?!?


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