Junior Ranger

Yesterday an envelope arrived from the Statue of Liberty, addressed to Q. Inside was this letter and not one but 2 Junior Ranger badges from Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It was a very exciting surprise, as this was completely unexpected.


When we visited Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, we noticed that the Parks Department had signs for the Junior Ranger program around. In order to become a Junior Ranger for that park or site, Q had to complete some activities and fill out a sheet about each place that included information collected around the site. He then had to return it to the Park Ranger and present his findings, answer a few questions about what he had learned and then swear a little oath. It was pretty cool and *I* kind of wanted to do it too. Haha. At the time, he wrote down his information and was given a Junior Ranger sticker badge, which he was completely thrilled about. So when he opened the envelope to find two new badges, he was over the moon!


I think this is an awesome move by the parks department, as it encourages kids to really learn and explore historic sites and get rewarded for it too. It reminded me a lot of the program that Q did at the Hyde St Pier in San Francisco. I know that next time we are travelling in the United States, we will be keeping our eyes out for more Junior Ranger opportunities.

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