Inside the mind of my 8 yr old

I’ve been seeing one of those cute “ask your kids” questionnaires floating around on Facebook over the past few weeks. Basically, the premise is that you ask your child a series of questions, and then record their answers exactly as they say, without any prompting. I had wanted to do it with Q, but wasn’t sure just how receptive he’d be. Plus, I was lazy and just hadn’t gotten around to trying, haha. 

I guess you really never know how things like this are going to go over. I must have caught him at the right time, because not only was he up for playing along, he gave me thoughtful, adorable and heart-melty answers. I was going to post them on my FB page, but once I got down to it, I felt they were special enough to warrant their own post. All answers have been copied exactly as they were given, no correcting, although I had to find a way to put words to his “thinking pauses” but other than those? All Q. Ahhhhhhhhhh, to get a glimpse inside the mind of an 8 year old boy…

What is something I say a lot?
Uhhhh Quentin clean your room! Uh no, just kidding. I love you. Yes, yes!

What makes me happy? 

Having me

What makes me sad?
Losing me

How tall am I?
A foot taller than Dad, standing like this (flat foot) not this (points foot), no smaller. You’re smaller than Dad.

How old am I?

What’s my favorite thing to do?
Draw, letter, write, at least I think so

What makes you proud of me?
That you are my mum

What is my favorite food?
Pad Thai?

If I could go anywhere, where would I go?
Disneyland! Or World, DisneyWorld

Do you think you could live without me?
NO, no, I can’t even stand a whole week without you!

How do I annoy you?
You don’t. *thinks* You don’t.

What is my favorite TV show?
I know, Gilmore Girls!

Who do I have a crush on?

What makes me proud of you?
That I’m a gymnast and I’m going into competitions

What’s my favourite movie?
I don’t know – romance movies?

What’s my favourite song?
Taylor Swift songs, Luke Bryan songs

Where was I born?
You were born in a farm

What scares me?
Losing me. Losing dad. 

Who are my best friends?
Sorrell-Ann and a couple other people I forget their names

How do you describe me to your friends?
Awesome, amazing, cool, the best!

I really love his answers. They are so sweet and genuine and I think that is so neat. I will be honest and say that a few of them totally caught me off guard, but I am SO glad I did this with him. It’s a perfect way to add to the memories of what he is like at 8 and how his mind works and really, I think that is pretty darn cool. 

Have you done this with your kids? How did it go? 


  1. Kayla Schmitke says

    We just recently did one of this with our 4 year old. Some of his answers were so funny! Can’t wait to show him when he’s older 🙂

  2. Heather says

    That’s so sweet…..amazing how much they retain in the world around them without us even knowing unless we question it!

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