If Q was Prime Minister

Q has always had very strong opinions, and has been a natural leader since he was tiny. In other words, he can be kind if bosdy, but I say this with love. It is one of the really cool things about him. He is also a debater, and can talk in circles enough to make your head spin. We have long said that we could totally see him in politics when he’s older – he’s been a natural since toddlerhood. 

Recently, he has been becoming a lot more aware of what is going on in the world, and learning more about politics. Thanks US election. Out of the blue a few weeks ago, he announced his desire to become Prime Minister of Canada, and took the time to explain some of his plans for when he runs the country. So naturally, being a proud mama, I had to record them, for posterity, of course. 
As you will see, he has some very strong feelings about animals and the environment, and these are evident in his policies. Taxes, not so much. 

Here are some of the things Q would do, if he was Prime Minister, as quoted by the man himself: 

– everyone would get a free blanket and pillow on airplanes

– everyone would plant a tree on Earth Day

– everyone would have to use recycling and compost instead of throwing away garbage

– even poor people, I would give them water and a plant or tree to plant

– if you cut down a tree, you have to plant two, or even one or three depending on the size. 3 seeds for a large tree, 2 for a medium one and 1 for a small one. 

– if you plant a tree, you have to visit it every day and give it water except for rainy days because those are free days.
– schools would have early dismissal day on holidays

– you can only kill one animal per year to eat it

– if you kill an animal you have to eat it. If you kill an animal for fun you go to jail. Only if an animal is chasing you and trying to kill you, you can hurt or kill it to save yourself, but only once. 

– if you kill a female animal you have to feed and look after her babies until they are all grown up.

Aside from these small matters, he reports that he is pretty happy with what Prime Minister Trudeau is doing right now. He also hopes that the PM will see this. 

Do you have any questions for the future Prime Minister? Any policies you’d like to see him add? 


  1. says

    First Question: Future Prime Minister Q, can you share with me what I should do if I had to kill a bear who tired to kill me, and two months later I am attacked by a cougar?

    Also, I’d like movies on the plane to be free and on all flights. Is there something you can do about this?

    And lastly, Future Prime Minister Q, what would you do to make people get along better no matter what colour their skin is or what languages they speak? (This is a tougher one, I know, but from my experience your generation has better answers than mine)

    • Brandee says

      Hi Jackie!

      Well, if you go on a nature walk, and you’ve already killed an animal that tried that attack you, bring along your friend or husband if they haven’t killed any animal yet.

      Well, I would make flights cheaper, so if they were $2000.99 I would make them $1000 and then people could afford to pay for the , which would cost $.01.

      Well, I would talk with all of the other presidents and prime ministers and talk to them and say I want world peace. Except for that guy from North Korea. I wouldn’t even talk to him because he doesn’t want world peace, he wants war. If people want to learn about different languages, I would hire people to teach children and adults that language. Then people could learn about different cultures and languages no matter what their skin colour or languages they speak. I really want world peace. That is even going to be on my sign.

      Thank you for your questions!

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