I have a confession to make…

I am a bathroom Netflixer. There. I said it. Judge me if you must, but here it is. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t watch Netflix in public washrooms or in other people’s houses, but I have found that as a busy mum, sometimes the best time to get some uninterrupted watching is while I’m otherwise indisposed. I know that I’m not the only one who finds this either, and am willing to bet that you have sat down, tablet or phone in hand, and grabbed a few minutes of your favourite show too. You’ve never caught an episode of “The Crown” from your own throne? Well then. I highly suggest you try it. 

I can’t tell you how many times I have sat down on the couch to catch an episode of “Switched at Birth”, thinking that Q is otherwise engaged in his own Netflix show in another room, start it up and, 10 minutes into my 1 hr long episode, heard “whatcha dooooooin?” as someone sits on my foot. Thank goodness for the pause button. I answer the question, engage him in conversation and send him back to his “Puss in Book” episode. Hit the start button again, probably having forgotten what I’ve just watched, and try again. 10 minutes later, I hear “mum! Muuuuuuum! Mumareyoulisteningtome?” Sigh.

I know that I’m not alone when it comes to this kind of stuff, especially during summer break, when it seems like the kids are there all.the.time. As a stay at home mum, as much as I love my kid, summer time can be brutal for actually getting in any me time. If your kid is anything like mine, used to the daily routines of school, and the constant social interaction and stimulation of the day, being at home with mum is boring. Which subsequently means that I get to be that source of interaction. Ha. So yeah. Me time during the summer is a rather elusive concept. 

Enter the loo. It’s somewhere that you spend time throughout the day anyways, so why the heck not do some true parent-style multitasking and watch your shows in there? You are probably guaranteed at least a few minutes of uninterrupted time, especially if you have a lock on your door, so why not? I am always far too afraid of electrocuting myself by dropping my iPad in to the tub to watch while in the bath, so have made myself an impromptu entertainment centre in our ensuite with a laundry basket of is-it-clean-or-dirty laundry, a box and a giant Harry Potter book. While it’s not the perfect viewing angle, it is better than the nothing I’d get in the living room. 

Apparently, Im not alone in this either. I thought it was both hilarious and comforting to see this stat –

As much as we are all about honesty and just telling it like it is around here, I figured you guys would prefer the cartoon picture above as opposed to an actual representation of me watching like that. There are a few TMI limits that I have after all and a picture of me watching Netflix on the can just crosses that line. Haha. I figured it was just better for all of us this way, so sorry if you were expecting differently. 

I do have a couple of other little secrets to actually getting to watch my shows. I will occasionally put myself into Mum time out where I just simply declare that I need a break and go set myself up like this. I figure I’ve earned it.

I think some of those are genius. If my cell phone data plan didn’t suck so bad, I’d probably use the time before afternoon pickup or while waiting during Q’s gymnastics training time to get caught up too! 

As much as I joke about this, I do really think it is important as a parent to take some time to step away from the Kids profile and watch those grown up shows. I mean “Outlander” and ” Jane the Virgin” certainly aren’t going to watch themselves right? Plus, does anyone else ever imagine your Netflix profile to be a bit like the “Wreck-it-Ralph” world with all of the characters from the various shows just hanging out day by day, waiting and hoping that someone will pick their show to watch that day? No? Just me then? Ha. 

How do you squeeze in your Netflix time? Do you have to do the Mom-sneak? If so, where do you do your sneak-watching? Share your secrets! 

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