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This is our second gift guide, and one near and dear to my heart, as we are a family of gamers. The family who games together, stays together and all that, right? We all game on different platforms, which is kind of neat because then we get exposed to different kinds of games. My husband and son are both PS4 and tablet gamers, and my son plays on the computer as well,  and although I love to play the “action” games like Rock Band, I primarily play on my tablet. 

It was hard to pick a few favourites, but I tried to include a bit of something for everyone, from casual or younger gamers to hardcore gamers like my husband. Some we love and play already, some we covet, but all are cool. 

  1. Skylanders Imaginators is the game we have been most excited about this holiday season. This long running toy to life franchise is back with another exciting adventure and some new heroes (and villians). Using the new Creation Crystals, players can actually customize and create their own Skylanders to play with. There are new quests to undertake and you can once again buy expansion levels that come with a character and special items as well as the additional level. You can also expand your collection of figurines, get creation crystals for each element and even get mystery chest blind bags to add to your Imaginators.  We have been playing Skylanders since the very first game, and it hashasten a fun one to play as a family. It is great for all ages and is available on all systems. 
  2. Just Dance 2017 is another long running franchise. This one is different from the rest,though, in that it is an active game that requires you to actually get up and dance. With fun, varied track listings with a number of different kinds of music and dance styles,it will keep everyone in the family smiling, laughing and sweating. One fun feature of the Just Dance games is the workout mode, where you can put on a continuous playlist and get a dance workout in. Great for burning off crazies during those cold, inside days of winter, this game will be one everyone will enjoy. This game is perfect for all ages and is available on all platforms. 
  3. Animal Jam is a safe, online community game for kids run by National Geographic Kids. It is free to play with a basic membership,but you can also buy premium memberships which opens up new animals and items,as well as other bonuses. It is dry tightly moderated and is filled with educational facts and games. Although it is a PC game, you can get apps to play on the go as well. It is appropriate for school aged kids and up. 
  4. Join the battle for garden supremacy in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2. PVZ is one of my son’s favourite games, and this new game is sure to please any PVZ fans. This game has both solo and split screen play, as well as online cooperative play, so it’s great if you are not comfortable with your kids playing online. PVZ is a third-person shooter and tower defence style game, where you need to take back the neighbourhood from a zombie invasion by using super charged plants. It is a good game to play as a family and should be appropriate for all ages. It is available for PS4 and XBox One. 
  5. Lego Dimensions is another toy to life styled game, similar to Skylanders. If you have Lego lovers on your gift list,this is a really fun option. Using the mini figures and bricks that come with each set, you build your gateway, vehicles and gadgets for a creative gaming adventure. This game has tons of different expansion sets featuring all kinds of pop culture characters. You mix characters, worlds and vehicles for a unique experience each time. Perfect for all ages,this would make a fantastically game night choice. It is available on PS3, PS4, XBox 360, XBox One and Wii U. 
  6. The Skyrim Special Edition is a fantastic fantasy role playing game for the serious, hardcore gamers in your life. This edition brings the game, which was previously released on PlayStation 3, to the next gen consoles. It also includes 3 expansion packs to extend the game play even further. Skyrim has huge playability and will provide a massive amount of gameplay in its open world. This game is rated M so is probably best for teens and up. It is available on PS4, XBox One and PC. 
  7. Madden ’17 is the annual instalment of the NFL game and is perfect for the football famine your life. You can play career mode as a player, coach or owner or just do quick games, and there is both online and single player content. This game is an ongoing evolution, and each year of this long-running franchise brings new features to keep players interested. This game is good for all ages and is available for PS4 andXBox One. 
  8. Destiny the Collection is a sci-fi first person shooter game. You can play cooperate with other players online or play against them. This game has some RPG elements, such as different character classes, leveling up and tons of customization. As this is a shooter game, we would recommend it for young teens and up as you can battle other players online as well as aliens. It is available on PS4 and XBox One.  

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    All of these gift ideas have been editorially chosen by us and no compensation was received in exchange for coverage in this guide. We did receive copies of Skylanders Imaginators and Destiny Rise of Iron for review purposes, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions are mine. One Crazy Kid is an Amazon affiliate, and some links are affiliate links. Clicking on them to do your shopping won’t cost you anything more, but if you choose to, we’d really appreciate the support. 


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