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Hello everyone, this is Q. Welcome to a new Q’s views!


I found a harmonica to play the other day and decided to put on a little song and dance show for you all. This was my first time playing the harmonica. I came up with all of the songs myself. The harmonica is something you blow into and it makes different sounds. It is made out of metal and people who like music play it. It was easy to play the harmonica – you blow on it and turn it and go side to side. When you do this it makes different notes and that is how you play different songs.

Thanks for watching! I would love it if you could please write back to me.


  1. says

    Hi Quentin… My Dad LOVED the harmonica and played it whenever we had a party around our piano when I was growing up…I never did get the hang of it… Loved your solo’s and glad your Mom posted this . Cheers Terry

    • Brandee says

      Thanks you for complimenting. Playing the harmonica is cool and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. From Q

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