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Welcome to another Music Monday. As you may have figured out by now, my musical tastes are pretty varied, and I am always on the search for fun new songs. I’ve listened to country off and on for quite a long time, probably since the mid ’90’s, in my Army days and when Garth Brooks was theman.

Aside from the old country and western music that my grandparents listened to (think John Denver), I hadn’t really had much exposure to country before I joined the Army. I was a ’90’s girl and listened to pop, rock and grunge, but country music never really same across my radar much. That was, until one night on training, I heard “Friends in Low Places” and after much teasing and prodding, finally admitted that it wasn’t half bad. I’ve come a long way since those days, but my relationship with country music has had it’s ups and downs. I’d gone years without really listening to much for long stretches of time, but in the few years or so, I’ve really been into it again. So much so that my husband says that I should be driving around in a pickup truck with a dog in the back and a Browning buck sticker on the window. I blame this musical shift in part to Nashville (thanks ABC and Netflix) and partly on the awesome music coming out of the scene right now. Bonus is that Q really likes it too, and I’m pretty comfortable with him listening to any of it without worrying about language or derogatory lyrics.


So this week, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my current favourite guys of country songs with you all. Some of you may be rolling your eyes right now (it’s ok, my husband does it too), but hey, give them a chance and you may find something cool too, right? Plus, a little Monday eye candy never hurts, right?

Country Nation -Brad Paisley

The first time I heard this song, it totally made me smile. For anyone who grew up country, this one is dedicated to you.

Raise ’em up -Keith Urban ft Eric Church

I first heard this song a couple years ago on a Grammy CD that my mom loaned me. The words, the sentiment, everything is perfect. Straight to the heart. There is something about it that gets me every time.

Confession – Florida Georgia Line

I don’t know how exactly I found these guys, but I adore them. Their rocker country vibe, the fun, everything. I was going to share the actual video with you,it then I watched the lyric video and I like that one better. I like learning all of those little bits of random of information about people. I think in these, you get to know more about the real person.

The Only One Who Gets Me – Charles Kelley

Q and I LOVE Lady Antebellum, so I was excited to hear some of the tracks from Charles Kelley’s new solo album. This song, written for his wife, is such a beautiful tribute to real love, and I really loved seeing it done without any fancy editing in the 1mic 1 take version here.

Crash my Party – Luke Bryan

Ok, in case you hadn’t noticed, we are big, big Luke Bryan fans around here. Q adores him, and even had his last haircut done to look like him. Plus, he’s heartfelt, fun, and easy to look at. He is one of Q’s dream concerts to attend. I really like this song, it’s ballady but not too cheesy.

Hopefully this will introduce you to some new songs that you might be willing to give a chance, even if you don’t love country. And if you do, is there any guys that you think should be on the next Guys of country list?


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    My dad and brothers were huge country fans so I grew up listening to it. I’m not a fan of some of the older country because it’s a bit down and out (all the “lost my dog my truck my wife my house my friends” type stuff) but you’re right there’s some awesome new music coming out of Nashville. Some of these guys are new to me so I’ll have to check them out (when the baby’s not sleeping!). Have you listened to Josh Turner? I love his voice!!! 🙂

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