Gilmore Girls – like coming home to an old friend

It’s confession time. I hadn’t watched a single episode of Gilmore Girls until earlier this year. Even worse, the first episode annoyed the snot out of me when I did try to watch the show. Young Rory was so weird and whiny and I couldn’t stand her. I even asked on my FB page whether or not it was worth it to try and push through, to see if I’d be hooked in an episode or two. Everyone said to keep watching, that it would get better, and sure enough, it did. Within a couple of episodes, I was snared hook, line and sinker. Every episode made me laugh, or think, or remember. It felt like coming home to an old friend. I wanted to live in a place like Stars Hollow, a place where things were simpler, where community was still important and people knew your name.

Then earlier this year I had major hand surgery and Rory, Lorelai, Luke, Paris and Logan became my constant companions. I was pretty much stuck at home in bed for a few weeks and I loved my trips to Stars Hollow. The town felt chill, the people quirky, the stories real enough that I could imagine myself a part of them. It was my escape. It was, as weird as it may sound, a safe and happy place that I could lose myself in despite the pain I was in. Gilmore Girls player a really important part in my recovery, and stopped me from going completely nuts while I recovered. 

I also loved the relationship between Rory and Lorelai. I have always been very close with my own mom, and although things aren’t always perfect, neither is life and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I would say that if I had to pick, I’d put us closer to a Lorelai-Rory type than say Lane- Mrs Kim or Kirk and his mom. As with all relationships we have had our ups and downs over the years, but I know she will always be there. I loved that their relationship wasn’t portrayed as this insanely dysfunctional one, as mother-daughter relationships often are in movies and TV but more honestly. 

Truthfully, when I had powered through all 7 seasons on Netflix, I was a bit sad. I wanted the adventures to continue,and felt like there were still many stories to tell. So I, like many, many people around the world, was very excited when Netflix announced that a 4 part revival, A Year in the Life would be starting on November 25th. 

Because I only just watched the series this year, Rory was still in her early 20’s in my mind. When I started watching the new episodes, I will admit that I was surprised to see Rory all grown up and in her early 30’s. It felt kind of weird. As I am still watching, I haven’t quick decided how I feel about everyone being older now. Not that I can do anything about the natural aging process but still…

I have decided that I will watch the new episodes slowly and will allowed myself to get reinvested in the characters and their stories. i don’t think it will be that difficult to reengage and I look forward to being able to lose myself in Stars Hollow again. 

To celebrate the release of Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life, Netflix sent us (me) a really cool GG date night kit, so that I can eat Pop Tarts, gummy candy and drink (tea, yes, I know that’s wrong but…) in this incredible mug from Luke’s while watching the show. We also got a set of  Gilmore Girls trivia cards, and when Q quizzed me, I totally wiffed on them. Apparently I need to start Season 1 all over again to brush up. We’ll say it’s all in the name of Stream team research, right? 

My mom hasn’t watched Gilmore Girls yet, but I did recommend that she watch it, and offered to watch with her. I know, it’s hardship to watch it again, but I’d be willing to take one for the team. She was very close with her mom too and I really think that she’d like it too. Perhaps I should have her over to drink a warm beverage from my new Luke’s mugs. 

Do you have a Gilmore Girls story?
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