Getting back in the saddle

I was so excited when I did my first blog a couple months ago and was determined that I was going to keep at it.  Then life got in the way.  Every time I would sit down to write for a few minutes, something came up. Q wanted me to do something, the phone rang, I got distracted.  Sure, it’s easy to come up with all of these excuses  reasons as to why I didn’t have time to do it, but in doing that, I forgot why I had started in the first place.  I wanted a place to come and get my stories and thoughts down, something that maybe someone else would read and relate to, or just somewhere that I could remember what I was doing, thinking, or feeling on a particular day.  So this morning, as my husband and son sleep, I will write.  I will try and get those posts that I have been carrying around with me for the past several weeks, down, and start sharing again.  I’m going to hop back in the saddle, and try this again.  Maybe I’m a little bitter, because it’s still relatively early for a Saturday morning, they are sleeping and I have been up for a couple of hours, but darn it, I’m going to enjoy my Mini-wheats and write.

Plus, I want to go to BlogHer12 next August, and figure that if I am going to go to a blogging conference, I should be blogging more.  Makes perfect sense, right?

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