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I’ve talked a lot over the last couple years about the fact that we don’t believe in gendering things like books, toys and shows when it comes to our son. He is just as likely to watch and enjoy an episode of Lego Friends or Ever After High as he is to watch Teen Titans Go or Star Wars The Clone Wars. He has been taught that except when it comes to things like clothes and shoes ( and this is only because of differences in cut and fit between boys and girls clothes), there is no such thing as “boys things” and “girls things”. The same goes when it comes to watching shows that he likes. We have showed him that when you become a grown-up, you choose your shows based on what you think is interesting, and encouraged him to do the same. 

As a result, he often chooses shows with strong female characters in them. One of his newest favourites is a show we’d not heard of until he discovered it on Netflix earlier this month. “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn” captures the hijinks and hilarity of a set of quadruplets – 3 boys and one girl. As an only child, Q was drawn right away to the sibling rivalry and to their relationships in general. He likeď Dawn because “even though she is the only girl, she is just as crazy and funny as her brothers”. I’ve watched a few episodes and agree with his assessment – it takes one tough girl to put up with 3 brothers all the time! Dawn isn’t afraid to voice her opinion and stand up for herself, something I think is an important lesson for all kids. 

“Project MC2” is another really cool show. Q is totally into science, and loves how the girls have all these cool kits and are able to do awesome experiments. I, as a parent and fellow lover of science, think that it is so fantastic that kids have female scientists to look up to now, and can do so at a younger and more relatable age. Everyone we watch the show we are inspired to get out and blow things up (but in a positive, all in the name of science way, I promise! 

Have your kids been inspired to try anything new because of something neat they’ve watched on Netflix? Science like Project MC2, puppetry like Julie’s Greenroom, singing like the Beat Bugs or just following your passions like the girls from Heartlake City? Or maybe they’ve been finding inspiration on Netflix from someone or something new? If so, I’d love to hear all about it! 

We are a part of the Netflix StreamTeam, and get to share some of our favourites with you each month. We do receive some fun perks from Netflix for being part of the team, however, all opinions and thoughts are our own, and as always, we’re sharing because we truly think you will enjoy it.

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