Family traditions and a day at the beach

Yesterday, Q and I packed up our gear, took a quick trip to Walmart to pick up a lifejacket and headed to the beach with my mom, my nieces, aunt and cousin. My mom’s van was packed to the gills with all 7 of us, lots of food, beach toys, towels and other assorted beach stuff.  Going to White Rock beach as a family is something that we’ve done every summer for many years.  It was also something that I did a lot when I was a teenager and in my early 20’s.  I have a lot of memories at that beach.  We used to go with my Grama, too, before she passed away, and the last 2 years we have gone around this time to honour her memory and remember the fun times that we all had there.  I have many, many memories of sitting on the blanket with my Grama, eating lemon squares and chips and talking about books.  I miss her, and those chats, a lot.

We set up the blankets and the kids headed down to play in the sand.  The grownups took that time to get first crack at the food and drinks while we (really, mostly me, as the other kids are older) had the chance.  It was nice to sit and talk with my mom and aunt, and watch the kids play.

Q adored the beach.  He loved playing in the sand, running into the pools of water, splashing, digging and building.

He told me he was digging a road to Tijuana.  Haha, I don’t know where that came from.

Once it was time to jump into the ocean, he was in his glory.  He was “swimming” ( and by that I mean laying on his tummy in the water and pulling himself around with his hands), laying on his back in the water, jumping, and landing on his knees.  He was fearless, and was laughing and giggling and smiling so much.

He discovered the fun of playing in and with the seaweed

Then he discovered he could jump over the waves.  That was great fun and resulted in a lot of splashing of everyone around him!

He had an amazing time and I loved watching him discovering these things for himself.  His confidence has grown so much since we were there last year.  He had so much fun that he didn’t even notice that he had sand and mud all over his face.

Does this look like a good day to you?

I know that my Grama would have loved watching him yesterday, and I would like to think that somewhere, somehow, she was.

Sadly, I got a wicked burn on one of my shoulders and am suffering a bit for it now, but it was worth it.  I loved out day at the beach and know that it is something that we will continue to do every summer.

Do you have any family traditions that you do every year? Places you go or things you do?


    • Brandee says

      Oh yeah, the PNE! The aquarium too. You know, I haven’t taken him to the Aldergrove Zoo yet, but he did go with my dad on a field trip with my niece. He loves animals. Do you like it there?

  1. says

    We go to White Rock, too – although we usually head to Crescent Beach. I’d like to make places like the Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Ladner, a rainy day movie and mini golf for the whole family part of our summer tradition, too. But sand, sea and sun are number one for us! Ouch on your burn. I know how that feels. Haven’t done the PNE since we only had a 2 year old, not quite sure we’re ready to head back yet. Maybe, though. I went every year when I was little.

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