Family game night – a longstanding tradition

Do you play board games with your family? I grew up in a family that loved to play games, and there were always plenty around to choose from. If you can believe it, my mom still has a game that we played when I was a young child called Critter in the Candy. It has been a delight to more kids than I can count over the years and now Q loves to play it with her (or anyone else he can find!)

I remember big family dinners at my grandparents house would always end in people gathered around the table playing Pictionary, or Scrabble, or a rousing game of Uno. My Grama would get a new game and puzzle every year and I think that sometimes I looked forward to the games just as much as I did anything else there. My mom still has tons of games to play with the kids and is always looking to add to the collection. She has a version of Monopoly that has a cash machine and wee little ATM cards, and Q always loves playing that one when he goes there. One of his favourite things to do when he visits there is to play games and they can spend hours at it. He can spend tons of time playing Operation or Hungry Hungry Hippos, and watch out when you play Monopoly with him, he is a real estate shark! In fact, my mom bought a new game called Sheep Launcher from How to train Your Dragon for Christmas this year and we have spent hours playing and laughing and flicking sheep at each other over the past few days.

A couple of years ago M and I picked up a copy of the original Monopoly to play with Q to help with his counting and reading skills. He loves it, aside from the length of time a full game can take. Recently, I received a copy of Monopoly Junior to try out, and we’ve had a great time playing it, especially over the Christmas holidays.


Q loves the coloured playing pieces and the cards that go with them. It’s a pretty simple version of the game, and I think that it may have been a bit too easy and quick for us at times, but it was great fun nonetheless. As you can see, I still got sharked by my little real estate mogul.


It’s much faster to play and you can probably get through a couple of games in less than the time it would take to play one game of regular classic Monopoly. It is a great addition to our family game night collection, and will be something that we can play together for a few more years.

I received a copy of Monopoly Junior from Influenster Canada to try but all opinions and thoughts are strictly ours. I wouldn’t share it with you unless we truly loved it and thought you would too.

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