Family fun night with Netflix

Watching movies is something that we love to do as a family, and is something that we have done together since Q was quite young. I love to introduce Q to new places and characters, and as he has gotten older, the selection of movies that we can watch together has only gotten greater. No longer are we limited to watching primarily Disney and other animated movies geared towards the littlest people. Now don’t get me wrong, we adore Disney movies and we try to see most of the animated ones that come out, but going to the movies can get really expensive when you have someone who loves to watch their favourites over and over. As a result,we have a giant stack of DVD’s of all of Q’s favourite movies sitting on our computer desk. The problem with DVD’s is that they don’t travel well and require an extra player to actually watch.

This is where our love of Netflix comes in handy. We can have a family movie night anywhere, anytime. We can watch movies with my mom at her place, on vacation, or, be watching different movies at the same time when Q wants to watch Penguins of Madagascar for the 24th time. 

I had major surgery  on my hand earlier this month, and it has pretty much knocked me down for the count. Since I can’t drive, Q and I have had a lot of movie dates at home over the last few weeks. We cuddle up on the couch with our favourite fuzzy blanket, make tea for me and iced tea for Q, grab some munchies snacks like popcorn or cheesies, gummy treats (for Q) and some chocolate (for me) and pick from the huge list of awesome choices to watch on the TV. 

We laugh so hard we cry, we giggle, we talk about what we watch. I love bonding with my dude over movies, and we love traveling to new times or places, “meeting” new people and dreaming about adventures that we could go on. There are so many fantastic, family friendly movies that are great for everyone to watch without anyone, especially the grown-ups, feeling like they have lost two hours of their lives that they will never get back. We have watched many movies while I have been recovering and it’s been hard to choose some of our favourites to share. 

The Short Films collection is a group of the awesomely cute little shorts that are played at the start of the Disney movies. “Get a horse” is a hilarious romp with Mickey, Minnie and Pete invoking a phone, a car and a horse. Q laughs so hard he almost cries every time he watches this. “Feast” is the cutest short about a puppy who loves to eat. Without any real talking, I wondered how much Q would like this one, but he loves it and can’t get enough. We loved the Tangled Ever After and the trouble that Maximus and Pascal get into while awaiting the wedding of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. Last but not least, Frozen Fever is simply awesome. Q loves to watch these four especially, and can watch them over and over. They are perfect for a 15 min break or a little movie before bedtime too. 

Home is another one that has been a big hit at our house. It is funny, touching, and a bit of a tear jerker (especially as a mum). Tip’s mum is taken away during an invasion by an alien race called the Boov. The Boov are looking for a new planet to call home after a series of unfortunate events, most of which were caused by one particular Boov named Oh. When Oh finds out that no one likes him, and when he screws up again, and has to go on the run, he gets involved with Tip and her pet cat Pig, who are heading off to find her mum. Along the way, they learn the meaning of real friendship and get involved in some rather hilarious situations. Q particularly loves the scene with the slushy machine. I loved catching this one with Q.

Inside Out is simply an amazing movie. If you gaven’t had a chance to see it yet, this look at the inside life of emotions is great. It tackles depression and the struggles associated with big life changes, friendship and the power of family. It will make you laugh and cry and laugh some more. I think we’ve watched this movie more times than I can count,and I’m sure it will be a staple for many years to come. Q even has stuffies of Joy, Fear, Anger and Disgust that have watched with us. I’m glad that Netflix has the contract with Disney and because of that, we get to see all of the newest movies as they come out. 

The Pacifier was one that we watched together for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Navy SEAL is assigned to a top secret assignment to pretend to be a “manny” to a group of kids of varying ages, from baby to term, none of whom want him there. I figured that Q would love it because of the action and adventure, as well as the physical gags and pratfalls. Based on the raucous laughter coming out of his mouth throughout the movie, I think I was right. I think this one would be most appealing to the bigger kid set, as littler kids might not get some of the jokes or the plot. It was exciting, and both Q and I enjoyed it. It was a perfect movie night movie. 

This is one that Q could (and does) watch over and over. He loves animals, and adventure, and Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private are hilarious. There are a ton of jokes that I have had repeated to me over and over (and over and over). It is fun to watch together, though, and if you are looking for a silly laugh, this is a great one that would be great for the whole family. 

Mr. Peabody and Sherman has been a movie that we have watched together a number of times. The mix of historical characters and adventurous situations is one that keeps Q coming back again and again. The cool thing about this movie is the historical information that he has picked up in his many watchings of it. It is cool to talk about the people and situations in the movie with him, and you never know when he will break out a little tidbit about the Ancient Egyptians or Marie Antoinette and the Frech revolution. It has provided a great jumping off point to talk about events that have occurred over the course of history  too. 


I have to say, Netflix has been a lifesaver for me during my recovery period and has given me the opportunity to be able to spend quality time with my little dude while I’m laid up. We’ve been able to continue our weekend movie time. We have been able to watch some new favourites and some old stand-bys and have a great time doing it. 

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