Do You Believe In Magic?


When you think of Disneyland, what comes to mind? How does it make you feel? I know that for me, when I think of Disney, I think of people smiling, friendly, laughing and happy. Things shine a little brighter, sparkle a little more, and there is magic in the air. It is the kind of place where you feel that anything is possible and where anything could happen. Where “yes” is a word that you use often, where you are not afraid to let your inner child come out, where you can wear crazy hats (or ears) and where you can let loose your inner daredevil. Where you are free to dance in the street or spontaneously burst into song. A place full of whimsy. The kind of place that you never want to leave.

Many of us wish that we could feel the way that we do at Disneyland when we are at home, including my family. Although it is impossible to completely recreate that Disney feeling at home, there are lots of little touches and things you can do to keep that feeling with you.

Take the time each day to have some laughs, from crazy giggles to full-on belly laughs with your family.

Tell jokes.  Be open to singing with or to your kids (bonus points if you can sing like Olaf or Sebastian), in the car, in bed, in the middle of the afternoon. Put some music on after work or school and dance in your kitchen together. Next time you are standing in line with someone, smile or say hi; who knows, you might be able to spread a little of your Disney side with them.

Another way that we keep our Disney side going at home is to have little physical reminders around the home. We have a Cinderella’s castle toothbrush holder, a Mickey Mouse soap dispenser, tons of stuffed friends, even a pair of Jack Skellington mouse ears, just to name a few things. The Avengers keep watch beside the bed in the little man’s room. When we need a pick-up we pop in a Disney movie and have a family movie night. We have battles to keep Neverland from falling to Captain Hook, shooting competitions like Merida’s, or watch for evidence of frost fairies outside.

It doesn’t take a lot of work or money to keep that Disney feeling going all the time; just a bit of creativity and a willingness to believe — really believe — in a little magic.

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