Disney Pixar’s Inside Out – a must see family movie

If you are a Disney Pixar fan, chances are you have been eagerly anticipating the release of the new movie Inside Out for quite some time. I know we have! 

How many times have you wondered what was going on in someone’s head? Have you been curious about what makes you you, or what shapes your personality? I’m guessing that the makers of Inside Out have wondered those exact things too. 

The movie takes us inside the head of 11 year old Riley (and gives us glimpses of the minds of her mom and dad too). Riley is from Minnesota, and she and her family are happy there, really happy. She plays hockey, has great friends and an awesome house. Then one day her dad announces that he got a new job and they are moving across the country to San Francisco. New house, new school, broccoli on pizza, it’s all different and weird. 

Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear are the emotions who are based at head quarters. They are the emotions in Riley’s head and this story is about their journey to help Riley cope with these changes. Joy is the main emotion for Riley. All of her core memories, the things that make up her personality, are happy ones. There are five aspects that shape her personality – hockey, being a goofball, honesty, friends and family and these are all based around core memories. 

One day, Sadness touches one of the core memories and turns it sad. While trying to fix things, Joy and Sadness accidentally get separated from head quarters and sucked into Riley’s long term memory. All of a sudden, without Joy there, Riley changes. The things that were so important to her don’t seem to matter anymore and things start to crumble. As Joy and Sadness try to make their way back to head quarters before it is too late, they find help in unexpected places and learn that sometimes when it feels like the word is crumbling around you, you need to reach out and ask for help. 

We were fortunate enough to have been invited to an advanced screening of the movie, so got to see it before opening day. Q has been looking forward to seeing it for months, so was so pumped up when he realized what we were going to watch. 

As per Pixar tradition, there is a short called Lava before the movie. It is about a Hawaiian volcano and is totally adorable. I absolutely loved it. The song and sentiment were so sweet. I don’t know if it is everyone’s cup of tea, but really, what is? Have a peek…

There was lots of humour, both for kids and adults. Q laughed his head off throughout the movie, and there were  quite a few jokes that were well placed for us too. We particularly liked the trip through Imaginationland, where dreams come from. There was nothing particularly scary in the movie, though really young kids might not like the birthday party clown who resides in Riley’s subconscious It didn’t phase Q in the slightest, though.

One thing I thought was quite interesting about the movie is how they portrayed depression in quite a frank and honest way. Anyone who has experienced depression will recognize a lot of the traits exhibited by Sadness. That feeling of just being dragged through life by your feet, of watching it go by while you are there but not there might be familiar to a lot of people.

I also think that its pretty neat to see how the things we experience and feel in our lifetimes shape our personalities and help us overcome adversity. It’s such a big part of what makes each of us who we are, but can be a pretty tough concept for kids to really grasp.

I think that the story is both entertaining and relatable in ways that you don’t often find in family movies. We will totally be seeing it again, in fact, Q is already planning an outing to see it with Lola soon. We certainly think that Inside Out is a must see family movie.

Will you be going to see it?

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