Lessons, letters and Leapfrog

When I think of September, I usually think back-to-school. With an almost 6 year old in the house, the thought of heading back is pretty exciting, for him and for us. He loves to learn, and if he can incorporate learning into his shows or games, he is even happier. With the school strike that we dealt with for the first three weeks of September, I tried to find learning opportunities in lots of … [Read more...]

It’s all about the adventure

Treasure maps, quests, creatures, pirates, huge problems to solve and battles. What do these things have in common? Oh right, my little dude. Q is absolutely obsessed with adventures right now. He is always drawing treasure maps, hiding stashes of things away to give him excuses to draw said maps, creating epic quests and stories and adventures. He loves any kind of book, show or movie that fit … [Read more...]

Summertime fun with Netflix #streamteam

It's summertime, and as we all know, there are very few good, new shows that air during the summer. Or so I thought. A few months ago, after wondering why everyone kept raving about it, we joined Netflix. Oh Netflix. Since joining, our eyes have been opened up to a whole world of cool shows. Old shows, new shows, ones we've watched and loved and ones we'd never heard of. Awesome, all of them. It … [Read more...]