Why is it so hard to ask for help?

Do you find it hard to ask for help? When it is offered, can you take it, or do you make excuses about why you can't or shouldn't. I struggle both with the asking and the accepting parts, and I've been trying to figure out why over the last few days.  I will happily offer my ear to listen, my shoulder to cry on, or to help out my friends in any way that I can, but when it comes to actually … [Read more...]

I never thought I would have a preemie

"It's a boy! And oh boy is he a wee mite!" were the first words I remember hearing after Q was born. Then an intense, eerie silence for a minute as I held my breath waiting for a cry. And waited. No one told me what was happening, but I found out later that they were bagging my little baby, helping him to breathe before they whisked him off to the NICU to stabilize him. They quickly hung the baby … [Read more...]

Self care during times of stress or grief 

The other day I posted about the anger I felt when my Dad was dying of cancer last year, and how much it surprised me. I'm a fixer, I like to do what I can to fix things and make them better, and this was a scenario where as much as I desperately wanted to, I couldn't fix it. I learned a lot about myself and what was important to me during that time, and I honestly believe that as … [Read more...]

Cooking with parents (or how to make cooking with your kids fun!)

"Don't touch that!", "Be careful", "Don't make a mess", "Don't screw that up". These are phrases that no one really likes to hear, but when you are a kid cooking with your parents, they are all too commonly heard. When you are first learning a new skill, it's tough to be told over and over that you are doing it wrong, or that you messed up, or, or, or... It takes the fun out of it, and when things … [Read more...]

How American Ninja Warrior is inspiring my boy

Over the last few weeks, Q and I have been getting caught up on PVR'ed episodes of American Ninja Warrior. This show has been his favourite for the last few years, and each year he gets more and more passionate about it. Most people know the names of rock stars or actors. Not my kid. Yes, he has some musicians that he looks up to, like Dave Grohl, Eddie and Alex Van Halen, or Taylor Swift but for … [Read more...]

A real gymnast now – Wordless Wednesday

Q has entered the world of ripped callouses and palms. Last week he got his first hand wrap at gymnastics, as he tore a callous off of the middle of his hand on the parallel bars. Hs coach taped it up, and although Q told me that it hurt so bad he cried for a while, he was a trooper and got right back in there as soon as he could. In talking to the coaches, they told me that he is going to need … [Read more...]

Kids See Free with Superstore

When was the last time you had your children's eyes checked? I will be honest with you and tell you that before Q had his eyes checked a few months ago, we hadn't done it aside from the quick checks at the doctor or school. Why, I can't say, aside from the fact that it didn't seem like he was having any difficulties seeing. After we found out he needed glasses, I talked to his teacher, who told me … [Read more...]