All things birthday

This week for Monday Listicles, we are talking about all things birthday.  I have to admit, since Q was born, a lot of preparation has gone into birthday parties.  The cake, the decorations, the location. What, you think I would actually host a birthday party at home? Ahahaha! I haven't really had a birthday party for myself in years, not since my disastrous 30th birthday party which was … [Read more...]

The things we do for our kids

We like to take adventures as a family.  This is something that we have always done, even before we had Q.  We love to just pick up and head out, seeing where the day will take us.  Usually they are only day trips, sometimes weekends, but since we don't often have weekends off together (the joys of shiftwork), we often make do with heading out for the day.  A couple of weeks ago, we decided, on … [Read more...]

Showing our pride

This weekend, we decided to do a little getaway to Seattle for the weekend.  When we arrived, we discovered that the 2012 Pride Parade was happening on Sunday, and it would be right outside our hotel.  I've never been to a Pride Parade before, and, to be honest, didn't really know what to expect.  I have seen pictures of some of the big ones, like Vancouver, Toronto and others, and have heard … [Read more...]

A moment in time

Tonight, one of those moments happened that I want to remember forever. One of the moments that made all of the rough times, the attitude and the challenges of having a 3 year old melt away, if just for a little while. M, Q and I were sitting on the couch watching Return of the Jedi. We have been watching all of the Star Wars movies in order with Q over the past few weeks and he loves them. … [Read more...]

The fun of imagination

Q's imagination is growing by leaps and bounds right now and it both amazes and amuses me. The other morning, I was downstairs and I hear him chatting through the monitor. When I got upstairs to the bedroom to get him up, he asked me to wait a few minutes, because he was talking on the phone. He then proceeded to "call" a bunch of his preschool friends and have conversations with each of them. … [Read more...]

To the dads in my life

Today is the day that we are supposed to celebrate the dads in our life.  As I do on mothers day, I think that we should celebrate them every day, and not just wait for one day a year to let them know how awesome and special we think they are. After having said that, I want to pay tribute to my husband for always being there, and for being a better daddy than I could have even imagined.  He is … [Read more...]

Old and good? No way!

Kids really do say the funniest things. And they have the funniest logic. Allow me to share an example of a conversation that went on in the car between my husband and son on the way to renew Q's passport today. We were listening to music, and one of Q's latest things is to ask about the name of the song and the artist who sings it. Here's how it all went down: Q:"Daddy, what song is … [Read more...]

Things motherhood has taught me

Seeing as how today is Mothers Day, Stasha decided that we could make a list of anything we wanted about motherhood, or 10 things we wish we could delete for Monday Listicles.  I decided to do mine about motherhood, since I don't know if I really want to publish my list of deletables. ;) Some things I have learned from being a mum: 1. Sometimes things don't turn out the way you planned, but … [Read more...]