Going under Cover- Music Monday

I have to admit, I'm having a lot of fun coming up with new playlists for this new format of Music Monday. I'm not sure how y'all feel about it, but I'm liking it. This week, I wanted to highlight some really cool cover songs. I'm a sucker for a well done cover tune, especially when it's done in a way that is totally different from the original, or reimagined in a way I never thought it could be … [Read more...]

This is Halloween – Music Monday returns

It's Halloween. Before long all the little ninjas and unicorns will be out on parade, and how better to celebrate that with the return of our music playlists? I've been thinking about resurrecting Music Monday for a while. It is one of my favourite things to write, and I hope you all like it too. I love finding new and old songs to share, and link them together with a common theme. Music is the … [Read more...]

Jazz Loves Disney and so do we! 

This is a sponsored post from Disney Music and One2One Network. All opinions are my own.  The music and movies of Disney have been a part of my life for pretty much as long as I remember. My mom likes to tell the story of how I listened to the record of The Rescuers so many times that I knew the entire thing by heart. As a teenager, I loved The Little Mermaid so much that it was a part of … [Read more...]

Beatbugs – connecting generations through music

​All you need is love, doo doo doodledee doo.  The music of The Beatles is one that I'm sure permeates the childhood of most people. They are just so iconic and have been such a huge influence on the modern music scene that it is almost impossible to imagine music without thinking of them. I know that to this day, I still hear songs covered by other artists that I'm surprised to learn were … [Read more...]

Songs to make you smile 2 – Music Monday 

I am not sure how the weather has been where you are, but here it has been gorgeous. Spring has truly arrived and the weather has been pretty much perfect, if not occasionally a bit warm, for my daily morning walks. This week has been pretty stressful for me, and let me tell you, stress and  CRPS are not a good combination. As a result, I've been dealing with some really high … [Read more...]

Let’s walk – Music Monday

How is it April already? I know it's been a while since I've done a Music Monday, but with a new month, all that's changing and I am back to it. I don't have a definitive theme for this week, aside from these all being good songs.  I have recently started working out again, something I haven't been able to do for acouple months. Between the bouts of bronchitis and strep throat leading up to … [Read more...]

Harmonica with Q – Q’s views

Hello everyone, this is Q. Welcome to a new Q's views! I found a harmonica to play the other day and decided to put on a little song and dance show for you all. This was my first time playing the harmonica. I came up with all of the songs myself. The harmonica is something you blow into and it makes different sounds. It is made out of metal and people who like music play it. It was easy to … [Read more...]

Guys of Country – Music Monday

Welcome to another Music Monday. As you may have figured out by now, my musical tastes are pretty varied, and I am always on the search for fun new songs. I've listened to country off and on for quite a long time, probably since the mid '90's, in my Army days and when Garth Brooks was theman. Aside from the old country and western music that my grandparents listened to (think John Denver), I … [Read more...]