I choose happy

There is always something to feel sad or upset or angry about in this world. Life is tough, no two ways about it. Too often, we find ourselves dwelling on the negative things - the jerk who cut you off in traffic earlier, the cable company that jacked the bill without improving their service, the snotty mom at school who turned their nose up at your attempt to make conversation at pick-up time. … [Read more...]

Love is love

Once again, I want to thank my awesome husband for patiently typing out my thoughts for me to get this post out. It's been weighing heavily on my mind, and I knew that it had to be done. Recently, I was introduced to the song "Same Love" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. A friend posted the video to her Facebook page, dedicating it to some special people in her life who were celebrating a … [Read more...]


I had just turned 17 years old when I joined the Canadian Armed Forces reserves.  I left for my basic training 2 weeks after I graduated from high school.  I spend 7 weeks away from my family and friends, endured more "character building" than I had ever imagined possible, did things that I never thought that I could, and came home a different, more confident girl than I was when I left.  During … [Read more...]