Lessons, letters and Leapfrog

When I think of September, I usually think back-to-school. With an almost 6 year old in the house, the thought of heading back is pretty exciting, for him and for us. He loves to learn, and if he can incorporate learning into his shows or games, he is even happier. With the school strike that we dealt with for the first three weeks of September, I tried to find learning opportunities in lots of … [Read more...]

Science fun with Daddy

What happens when you are stuck with no school and still want to learn? When the weather is beautiful and you are itching to get out and do something, and your parents are itching for you to be doing something productive and educational? Well, science fun with Daddy, of course! We recently had a school strike here that both ended the school year early and resulted in the first 3 weeks of classes … [Read more...]

Love is love

Once again, I want to thank my awesome husband for patiently typing out my thoughts for me to get this post out. It's been weighing heavily on my mind, and I knew that it had to be done. Recently, I was introduced to the song "Same Love" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. A friend posted the video to her Facebook page, dedicating it to some special people in her life who were celebrating a … [Read more...]