Life lessons from Dinotrux

September is almost here, and that means back to school time is almost upon us. New class, new teacher, new friends. This also means possibly being separated from good friends from last year, and the challenges that going along with navigating the year with new people by your side. This month, a fun new original series called Dinotrux debuted on Netflix. Q first learned about it when an official … [Read more...]

Eating out with kids? No sweat tips to keep everyone happy

There has been a lot of chatter online lately about kids in restsurants. Should they be there? What kinds of restaurants are kid appropriate? Why would anyone want to inconvenience others and ruin their dinners just because they wanted to bring their kids? When talking about this subject, I have found that people can get quite heated and passionate. Sometimes they can just be jerks. I have read … [Read more...]

Getting used to the birthday party drop-off

Recently, Q as invited to a birthday party for someone get knew from school. He and this other child were not in the same class this year, but had been in the past, and there had been some issues between them. Needless to say, I was more than a bit surprised when he brought home the invitation to the party. He was excited to go, as any kid would be, and after talking it over with my husband, we … [Read more...]

Our class pets are caterpillars

Our class pets are caterpillars. Caterpillars turn into butterflies. Now our caterpillars are cocoons. They started out as super tiny. Then they grew super fat. Then yesterday they turned into a cocoon. The cocoon looks like a woodchip. Can you see them? Two of them did not make it. There is one who is still waiting and I bet he is going to turn into his cocoon today. Soon they will … [Read more...]

Gardening with Lola

Yesterday I went to my Lola's and helped her plant a garden. Lola is my Grama. That is a Filipino word for Grama. First we had to get the seeds. After we went to see Pitch Perfect 2 on Saturday, we went to the new Walmart to get seeds for the garden that I was going to plant with Lola. I got to sit in a box in the cart and Lola teased the cash register lady and asked how much it cost to buy the … [Read more...]

My favourite dinosaurs

Today I would like to talk to you about dinosaurs. I would like to be a paleontologist when I am a grown up. Here is me with my dinosaur book I asked my mom to put in pictures of the dinosaurs but she is having a hard time finding them so she will do that later. The earliest dinosaurs appeared 250 million to 200 million years ago. It was called the Triassic period. The earth hadn't pulled … [Read more...]

Parenting with presence – a review and thoughts

Parenting is a hard job. If you are anything like me, you never feel like you are doing quite a good enough job. You don't feel patient enough, loving enough, present enough, just plain old good enough. The truth, though, is that we are all doing the best job that we can do, at that very moment in time. We all have bad moments, times when we are not at our finest, but balancing those out are the … [Read more...]

Bandaid rippers, truth skirters, and secret buriers

Lies. They always start out small, but they never stay that way, do they? You tell one lie, then you need to tell one more to cover the story you told with the first lie. Then it turns into one, two, three more, until there are so many layers of lies that you can't even keep track anymore, and the truth comes out in the end. It's funny, as grown-ups and parents, we often think nothing of telling … [Read more...]