Make more time for fun with Robin Hood Quick Bread mix

Before my hand injury, I loved to bake. Loaves, muffins, cookies, you name it, I made it. Usually I would make a couple of different of homemade treats on Sunday nights for the week ahead. It got a bit trickier to do after the injury occurred, and I found myself doing less and less. Now that Q is at an age where he is interested in learning to make things, I would really like to start baking with … [Read more...]

Cooking with parents (or how to make cooking with your kids fun!)

"Don't touch that!", "Be careful", "Don't make a mess", "Don't screw that up". These are phrases that no one really likes to hear, but when you are a kid cooking with your parents, they are all too commonly heard. When you are first learning a new skill, it's tough to be told over and over that you are doing it wrong, or that you messed up, or, or, or... It takes the fun out of it, and when things … [Read more...]

How American Ninja Warrior is inspiring my boy

Over the last few weeks, Q and I have been getting caught up on PVR'ed episodes of American Ninja Warrior. This show has been his favourite for the last few years, and each year he gets more and more passionate about it. Most people know the names of rock stars or actors. Not my kid. Yes, he has some musicians that he looks up to, like Dave Grohl, Eddie and Alex Van Halen, or Taylor Swift but for … [Read more...]

I’m a creative weirdo AKA what I learned from a colouring book

So. In my infinite wisdom and a moment of insanity, I decided that I was going to volunteer myself to take part in an October blogging challenge. What is it? How could it be that bad? These are all valid questions that you may be asking me right now. Well, let me tell you. I have decided that for the month of October, you will be getting something new and fresh every day. Every single day for the … [Read more...]

Angry Goldfish tower knockdown

Have your kids ever dreamed of really getting to play with their food? Need a way to make snack time more fun? Or have you ever just wanted to play in a live game of Angry Birds? Goldfish crackers have long been a favourite in our house, and I quite often find my son engaged in a game of tag or hide and seek with his Goldfish snack. He is also totally obsessed with playing Angry Birds on the … [Read more...]

Life lessons from Dinotrux

September is almost here, and that means back to school time is almost upon us. New class, new teacher, new friends. This also means possibly being separated from good friends from last year, and the challenges that going along with navigating the year with new people by your side. This month, a fun new original series called Dinotrux debuted on Netflix. Q first learned about it when an official … [Read more...]

Eating out with kids? No sweat tips to keep everyone happy

There has been a lot of chatter online lately about kids in restsurants. Should they be there? What kinds of restaurants are kid appropriate? Why would anyone want to inconvenience others and ruin their dinners just because they wanted to bring their kids? When talking about this subject, I have found that people can get quite heated and passionate. Sometimes they can just be jerks. I have read … [Read more...]

Getting used to the birthday party drop-off

Recently, Q as invited to a birthday party for someone get knew from school. He and this other child were not in the same class this year, but had been in the past, and there had been some issues between them. Needless to say, I was more than a bit surprised when he brought home the invitation to the party. He was excited to go, as any kid would be, and after talking it over with my husband, we … [Read more...]