Thanks for the parenting advice Curtis Stone

This week, celebrity chef Curtis Stone, pissed off parents around the world myself included, by sharing some, shall we call it interesting parenting advice. In an interview with an Australian newspaper, Stone smugly commented that parents were more or less responsible for their children being more selective eaters by pandering to them. He also stated that if children didn't want to eat the food … [Read more...]

This is why you should not play chess with your kids…

"Hey Mummy, do you want to play chess with me? I can teach you!" he said. "Uhhh, sure bud, but you will have to explain it all to me ok?" Excitedly, he set up his new board, naming each piece as he set it down. "I will be giving you two lessons" he said. "How to move and the second lesson is how to attack." Oooook, I thought, admittedly more than a bit concerned. As great as it would be for … [Read more...]

A visit to the Museum of Natural History

When we had our whirlwind trip to NYC a couple of months ago for my dad's memorial service, one of the things that Q wanted to do most was to visit the Museum of Natural History. He was very excited at the possibility of visiting there, as it was featured on an episode or two of Wild Kratts, as well as the Night at the Museum movies (but mostly because of the Wild Kratts, ha). Before we went, … [Read more...]

Finding some needed motivation and a Netflix Giveaway!!

A new year means some new goals, right? I actually try to make and update my goals all year round, but I think that the start of a fresh new year is always a good time to look at those things that you'd like to get done and really solidify a plan. I think that it is a great time to get yourself motivated and inspired, and to do the same for your family. It may be time to remind yourselves to chase … [Read more...]

Our visit to the Timberline Country Christmas

A few weeks ago, I shared an event listing for the Timberline Ranch Country Christmas, and told you that we'd be checking it out soon. Well, we finally got our chance to go, and I thought I'd let you know how it went. When I first heard about the Timberline Country Christmas, I was intrigued. I love Christmas and Christmas events. Like, really, really love them, so I am always trying to find new … [Read more...]

Giving back to Sick Kids this holiday season

Imagine being sick and scared and away from your home, your family, and all the things that are yours over the holidays? Tough, right? Now imagine being all those things and being a kid too. Somehow, that seems to make it that much worse. Every year, I try to put myself into their shoes and wonder if there is a way that we might bring some smiles to the faces of some kids in the hospital over … [Read more...]

The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish – book review and giveaway!!

Are you familiar with the Pout-Pout Fish books? These books, written by Deborah Diessen and illustrated by Dan Hanna have been entertaining and teaching kids since 2008. We have been reading the Pout-Pout Fish books with Q since he was quite young. He has always liked them, and I like that they are cute, kid friendly books with a positive message. Messages about being a good friend, being brave, … [Read more...]

Self care during times of stress or grief 

The other day I posted about the anger I felt when my Dad was dying of cancer last year, and how much it surprised me. I'm a fixer, I like to do what I can to fix things and make them better, and this was a scenario where as much as I desperately wanted to, I couldn't fix it. I learned a lot about myself and what was important to me during that time, and I honestly believe that as … [Read more...]