Disney on Ice – Dare to Dream!

We are a huge Disney household, which I'm sure is something that I have mentioned here before. Well, by we, I mean Q and I are, but still.  My husband tolerates it for our sakes, but I don't think that deep down he minds it all that much.  When I heard that Disney on Ice was coming to Vancouver this year, and was doing a show featuring Rapunzel from Tangled and Tiana from The Princess and the Frog … [Read more...]

Home sweet home

Ah, home sweet home.  This week. as inspiration, Stasha has challenged us to talk about 10 things in our homes.  When I first saw the topic, I thought of a few different ways to go about it.  I could take pictures, nah, too much work.  I could talk about stuff  remember from my home growing up, or 10 things you might have seen in the first home we bought.  None of those things really called to me … [Read more...]

Finding Nemo – movie review

As you may have guessed, we are a big Disney household. Well, Q and I are anyways, M is a bit indifferent to the whole thing.  I have been a fan of Disney movies my whole life, and have passed that on to Q, who has introduced me to a whole new generation of amazing movies (though, I will admit, I probably would see them even if he wasn't around). One of his current favourite movies is Finding … [Read more...]

Disney’s Chimpanzee – an up close look

This is the face of Oscar, the funny little guy we are introduced to at the start of Disneynature's new movie Chimpanzee.  Oscar is a typical baby, who loves kisses and cuddles from his mama, gets into trouble, and likes to explore.  Only, instead of being a human child, he is a member of the primate family of chimpanzees.  We meet Oscar's mother Isha, and Freddy, the group's alpha male.  Oscar … [Read more...]