Holiday gifts for creative types

Welcome to the One Crazy Kid Holiday Gift Guide! It's that time of year, and if you are anything like me, your thoughts have turned to finding the "perfect" (what does that really mean, anyways?) gift for the important people in your life. I am really bad for putting pressure on myself to find the right gift for people and then inevitably end up debating on them for so long that I one day wake … [Read more...]

The Little Linebacker – book review and giveaway!

Last week, Q and I received a copy of "The Little Linebacker", a new children's book by NFL linebacker Stephen Tulloch and Marie Dismondy. We are a huge football family, and Q played football when he was 5 (before he was recruited to competitive gymnastics), so I was quite excited to read this book. I think we can all, as kids and adults, relate to what it feels like to have a dream, and also what … [Read more...]

The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish – book review and giveaway!!

Are you familiar with the Pout-Pout Fish books? These books, written by Deborah Diessen and illustrated by Dan Hanna have been entertaining and teaching kids since 2008. We have been reading the Pout-Pout Fish books with Q since he was quite young. He has always liked them, and I like that they are cute, kid friendly books with a positive message. Messages about being a good friend, being brave, … [Read more...]

Do you Kobo? Let’s talk…

How do you like your books? Do you like the feel of paper crinkling between your fingers as you turn the page,  or do you like to swipe right or tap? Do you have a bookshelf full of books in your house or a virtual shelf in your e-reader? I have been a lover of books and words and stories for my entire life, really as long as I can remember. There is something special about allowing yourself to … [Read more...]

My favourite dinosaurs

Today I would like to talk to you about dinosaurs. I would like to be a paleontologist when I am a grown up. Here is me with my dinosaur book I asked my mom to put in pictures of the dinosaurs but she is having a hard time finding them so she will do that later. The earliest dinosaurs appeared 250 million to 200 million years ago. It was called the Triassic period. The earth hadn't pulled … [Read more...]

Parenting with presence – a review and thoughts

Parenting is a hard job. If you are anything like me, you never feel like you are doing quite a good enough job. I know some people find it easier if they hire a nanny or an au pair, as having just an extra pair of hands can really make a difference. A lot more people are getting au pairs, as young people are more interested in having a year abroad somewhere. By becoming an au pair, young people … [Read more...]

Even in Darkness – an interview with Barbara Stark-Nemon and a giveaway!!!

Are you a fan of historical fiction? I really enjoy reading books that are based on events or places that are real. I think that any story is more interesting is when it has a grain of truth to it. Even more interesting is when those stories are about your own family. Author Barbara Stark-Nemon had just that, and it inspired her new historical fiction book Even in Darkness. Written as a … [Read more...]

All Mascara is not created equal – a review and giveaway!!!

Nowadays, there are tons of books filled with inspirational messages, ways to improve yourself and your outlook, and how to be happy. It can be hard to decide which book is right for you. If you are anything like me, your reading time can be limited to a few minutes here or there during the day, maybe in the bathroom or while you are waiting for someone to finish something. I always like to try … [Read more...]