Seeing myself through others’ eyes

We recently had family photos done for the first time since Q was 5. He just turned 10. We tried to do family pictures with my dad before he died, but the weather refused to cooperate, and he got so weak, so fast, that the best we could do were a couple of group pictures, then one of my parents together, and one of Q and my parents, both of which I treasure. My friend, the photographer who did … [Read more...]

I won’t hide behind my pain…

Today is a tough day. Actually, let me rephrase. It wasn't a tough day until about 10 minutes ago. It started in my hand, like it always does, the place where the pain is like an ever present black cloud that is always just there. This is not new to me, not at all.  I live with CRPS, something I've talked about but not sure if I've ever really explained.  CRPS, or Complex Regional Pain … [Read more...]

Why we all need to be watching 13 Reasons Why

Have you seen the new Netflix show 13 Reasons Why? It's been causing a lot of buzz and an awful lot of controversy, with some schools and organizations going so far as to recommend that teenagers not watch it, because of the themes covered in the show. When I had initially heard of the show, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to watch it. Not because I didn't want to, but because I … [Read more...]

I had stopped being myself

I have been pretty quiet around here for the last little while, and for that I'm sorry. Things have been a bit of a struggle for me of late, and although there are lots of things I want to say, stories and thoughts I want to share with you all, the words have just been stuck. I've been fighting with the demons in my head again, not knowing whether it is a result of post-vacation … [Read more...]

Picking up the pieces

I can't remember a time when I didn't want to have a career.  When I was 5, my mom tells me that I quite proudly announced to the guy I had decided I was going to marry (as you do) that he could stay home with our children while I went to work and had a career. When I was in high school, I took honours and IB courses so that I could get into a good university. When I was in the Army, I … [Read more...]

In defense of the man-bun

Over the last several months, I have heard SO many people bemoaning the hairstyle choices of men, usually in reference to the "man-bun" but also guys with long hair in general and it really got me thinking.  My son Q is one of those guys who chooses to wear his hair long.  He has preferred long hair on himself since he was really young, and now, at almost 8, his long hair is part of … [Read more...]

Plus size women shouldn’t…

No one likes being told that they can't or shouldn't do things. Now imagine, if you will, being a woman and being told that because of your size you shouldn't do activities like yoga, or dance, or even go to the gym. Being told that you are "too big" or "too chubby" or "make people uncomfortable". Getting the side eye when you walk into a yoga or dance studio or snickered at in the gym. Being told … [Read more...]

It all started with a picture

It was just another day, really. I had been away for the weekend and had picked up a new pair of (totally awesome) leggings. I mean really. These leggings have skulls made up of little starbursts on them. So cool. Since the weather is getting colder again, what with fall being here and everything, it's rapidly becoming obvious that the time to switch from skirts to leggings is nearly upon us. And … [Read more...]