Beatbugs – connecting generations through music

​All you need is love, doo doo doodledee doo. 

The music of The Beatles is one that I’m sure permeates the childhood of most people. They are just so iconic and have been such a huge influence on the modern music scene that it is almost impossible to imagine music without thinking of them. I know that to this day, I still hear songs covered by other artists that I’m surprised to learn were originally written or performed by them. 

As I’ve written about before, Q is a huge music fan. He loves all kinds of music, from pop to metal and everything in between. He loves to sing along to theme songs and commercial jingles (much to our chagrin at times, haha), so the second I heard about the new Netflix show Beatbugs, which featured classic Beatles songs explained as stories and covered by current artists like P!nk, Sia and Eddie Vedder, to name just a few, I knew it was destined to be a hit in our house. I mean really,how could that be bad? I was excited to see how it all came together too! 

A few weeks ago, we were invited to preview Beatbugs at an awesome picnic put on by the folks at Netflix. We entered the room and walked into a magical garden wonderland. We were greeted by the Beatbugs characters as we walked into their world, full of giant flowers and shrubs. 

Q could barely contain his excitment. There were instruments around the room, one of those giant floor pianos (like a mini version of the one from Big that every kid dreamed of playing), pillows, iPads with Netflix shows, and a candy and popcorn bar. What more could a kid want? After regaling me with a number of tunes on tambourine, it was time to grab our snacks and watch the show. 

Pretty much from the opening credits, Q was transfixed. So was I. 

Here was a song by the Beatles, brought to life and explained through the eyes of the Beatbugs. We learned about how Pennylane came to be and celebrated the birthdays of two of the bugs. I had the biggest grin on my face pretty much the whole time, and Q had to get up and dance, he loved the music that much. He was one of the older kids there, but he loved it just as much as the younger ones did. 

After a lunch of fancy and fun picnic foods, it was time to try some karaoke. Q, being Q, was asked to kick it off, and after a bit of coaxing, he did. He loves to perform, but had never tried karaoke before. The extent of his singing experience has been limited to school plays and playing Rock Band, but he rocked out “Drive my Car” and was hooked. Then everyone wanted to sing and the party really got going. Q even insisted that my mom and I sing with him, although he pretty much stole the show each time. Sadly, I don’t have any video of my song from that day, haha. 
Q brought the house down with his performance of “Twist and Shout”, so of course he wanted me to share it with you all too. 

We all really enjoyed the show and love the music. Now that he has learned some Beatles songs, you can often catch Q singing them to himself (or anyone who will listen). 

This is one of those shows that has the potential to connect generations together through the music and stories, which I think is just awesome. Have you watched Beatbugs? What do you think of it? 
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