Angry Goldfish tower knockdown

Have your kids ever dreamed of really getting to play with their food? Need a way to make snack time more fun? Or have you ever just wanted to play in a live game of Angry Birds?

Goldfish crackers have long been a favourite in our house, and I quite often find my son engaged in a game of tag or hide and seek with his Goldfish snack. He is also totally obsessed with playing Angry Birds on the iPad, so the other day we decided to create a live action version of the game, using Goldfish instead of birds. He was more than thrilled for an excuse to play with his food, and it was a good lesson in physics and building as well. Really, it was a win win for everyone involved.

angry goldfish

Angry Goldfish Tower Knockdown

For this activity, you will need the following:
Goldfish crackers of any flavour
W used the pink Cinderella ones for pigs and Three Cheese ones for the birds, so that we could see the combatants
9-12 flat crackers
This is really important, because it will be extremely difficult to build your tower if they are not flat, as we discovered the hard way. We used Stonewheat thins, but any old brand of soda cracker will do, as long as those edges are straight
A cutting board or other backdrop
This will help you in building a tower for your game that actually stays up.
A spoon to use as a catapult

assembling the tower

My husband assembled the tower. This took a lot of trial and error, but the method that ended up working best for us was to build a T shape with a lid on it, but you could build a V shape on the bottom with a lid or stack them like a house of cards.

goldfish tower

Once the tower was built, we sprinkled it very carefully with the evil goldfish who defended the tower.

We took turns trying to figure out how to best shoot the fish using the spoon, and discovered that with too hard of a touch the fish would fly all over the kitchen, and with too soft of a touch they would just plop right down on the counter. Much hilarity ensued as we tried to figure this out, and many,many laughs were had.

prepare for launch

We tried it with one person holding the catapult spoon and another shooting, but it seemed to work best when the person shooting also held it. I wondered if Q would get frustrated with it, but he loved shooting the fish again and again, and even had a big backstory to go with it to explain why the goldfish were so mad and were trying to knock down the tower.

ready to launch

Once he figured it out, the tower came down pretty quickly, to cries of “Again, again!” As an added bonus, once he got tired of playing the game, Q figured that it would be ok to have a snack, so ate the combatants. We had a blast getting to play with our food and work a bit of a science lesson in too.


Do you ever create games with your food? Check out the Goldfish Canada Facebook page for some other fun ideas and activities that will have you playing with your food.

We were asked by Goldfish Canada to come up with a fun way to play with our food, but the game was our own idea. We hope that this will inspire you to have fun playing with your food too.

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