All about summer camp – Q’s views

This is Q here. I just went to camp for a whole week. It was my firstvtime ever. The camp was called Stillwood. Sometimes you might be homesick, like me, for two days, but when they let me call my parents, I wasn’t homesick anymore. 

We did all kinds of activities like archery, rock climbing, pool party and water Olympics. Those were my favourites. We also did outdoor exploration and power boating. That was my least favourite, by the way, because we kept getting splashed and the water was freezing cold. Take my advice, don’t go on the banana boat or the tubing because you will fall over in the cold water. Trust me on that. It was fun though. 

We played games like Run Octopus, run with my cabin and a girls cabin. We made crafts – I made mazes. The ropes course aka Top 40 was not scary. I did the obstacle course and the zip line and they weren’t scary at all but they were fun.

I stayed in a cabin with bunk beds and I made three new friends. I can’t really remember all of their names except for Rylan and Nathan. My counsellors names were Maestro and Hype and they were really nice and fun and I hope you have them someday. 

If you do come to Stillwood, I hope you make lots of new friends, have lots of fun and are not homesick. 

I had fun! Maybe I will even go back next year! 

This is Q posting my views about Stillwood and I hope you enjoyed it. Are you interested in Stillwood now? 
Have you or your child been to summer camp? Could you tell us sbout it and then we can all combine and share our experiences? Thanks. 


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    Fun Read reminds me of my camping as a Girl Guide. We made a stand out of sticks to hold a basin and did a lot of nature things… I don’t remember too much about swimming because I was not a good swimmer until I grew up. The best part for me was meeting new friends…Glad you got over your being homesick and Glad they called Mom and Dad so you could let them know you were missing them. Thanks for the post Terry.


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